Warner Bros' The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button climbed to the top of Screen's international chart over the February 6-8 weekend. It was up 171% on the weekend before to $32.6m, with over 4 million admissions in 42 markets. Debuts in key territories helped boost revenue, with France, Spain, the UK and Japan bringing in $5.5m, $5m, $3.3m and $3.4m respectively.

Benjamin Button opened at number one in Spain, where it took double the revenue of its nearest contender (Beverley Hills Chihuahua), and in the UK, where it ended Slumdog Millionaire's four-week stint at the top, closely followed by Warner Bros' He's Just Not That Into You. Button also enjoyed a decent second week in Germany, with just a 22% drop to $3.8m from 605 screens. Playing on a total of 4,939 international screens, with a screen average of $6,600, Button's international gross to date is $75.4m.

The highest debut in the chart is Pathe International's LOL (Laughing Out Loud). Written and directed by Liza Azuelos, the teen drama stars Christa Theret as 15-year-old Lola and Sophie Marceau as her mother, Anne. LOL opened in France, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland, taking $5.4 from 447 screens in the territories. The film had the highest screen average of the weekend with $12,100.

He's Just Not That Into You was the highest opener of all the US films, debuting in four markets, including the UK where it took $2.8m from 375 sites, placing it second behind Benjamin Button. The film will open in further key territories this weekend, including France, Australia, Germany and South Korea. In total, it has taken $3.1m from 460 screens, for a screen average of $6,800.

Also debuting in the top 20 is Italian International Film's Ex which entered the chart in 12th place. Fausto Brizzi's contemporary comedy opened top at home in Italy taking $5.2m from 571 screens, with the third-highest screen average of $9,200.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (US)$32,566,0414,939$75,408,58142
2(10)Bolt (US)$12,576,8273,643$114,794,13838
3(1)Valkyrie (US-Ger)$11,735,7544,233$57,533,09936
4(3)Revolutionary Road (US)$6,225,8253,173$36,814,83041
5(6)Slumdog Millionaire (UK)$5,983,1881,314$52,071,48813
6(11)Bride Wars (US)$5,878,9932,482$32,114,29830
7(20)Underworld: Rise Of the Lycans (US)$5,515,3971,530$17,154,71542
8(4)Yes Man (US)$5,511,4302,497$108,432,61251
9(7)Twilight (US)$5,409,2942,339$177,404,04738
10NewLOL (Fr)$5,405,471447$5,405,4713
11(5)Seven Pounds (US)$5,265,5862,559$79,441,68540
12NewEx (It)$5,242,024571$5,242,0241
13(8)Twentieth Century Boys: Chapter 2 (Jap)$3,810,843374$14,599,0521
14(28)Beverly Hills Chihuahua (US)$3,682,1651,163$34,738,90414
15(9)Red Cliff Part II (Ch)$3,439,6781,332$60,421,6587
16NewHe's Just Not That Into You (US)$3,149,967460$3,149,9674
17(27)Doubt (US)$2,644,718904$7,265,23829
18(23)Changeling (US)$2,434,5941,244$55,009,44544
19(13)Inkheart (US-UK-Ger)$2,349,6872,061$29,616,42719
20(35)Hotel For Dogs (US)$2,318,2451,102$10,027,13113
21(21)Bedtime Stories (US)$2,273,2191,765$83,588,72629
22(16)Mamma Mia! The Movie (US-UK)$2,184,164342$430,209,2772
23(31)Pleasant Goat And Big Bad Wolf (Ch)$2,065,100390$10,608,9001
24NewMarine Boy (S Kor)$2,058,946387$2,405,0701
25(29)Transporter 3 (US-Fr)$2,023,2561,114$59,781,52216
26(14)Australia (US-Aus)$2,021,0132,038$142,201,11414
27(15)Italians (It)$1,952,325437$15,676,1361
28(17)Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (US)$1,766,6982,312$398,655,22036
29(24)Role Models (US)$1,679,790858$17,552,90917
30(12)Look For A Star (HK-Ch)$1,524,819331$11,511,2123
31NewThe Musketeers Return (US)$1,503,728554$1,503,7283
32(25)The Wild Chicks And Life (Ger)$1,476,129579$4,390,7293
33NewCoraline (US)$1,374,577430$1,374,5773
34*High School Musical 3: Senior Year (US)$1,344,283377$156,862,83114
35(19)Silver Medalist (Ch)$1,327,400470$9,809,6001
36(22)Quantum Of Solace (UK-US)$1,323,031389$401,558,25511
37NewPenguins In The Sky - Asahiyama Zoo (Jap)$1,205,323252$1,325,4831
38(32)De l'Autre Cote Du lit (Fr)$1,173,917536$15,706,3123
39(26)Pandemic (Jap)$1,171,598324$15,601,8441
40(39)Gran Torino (US)$1,171,120241$5,164,1412
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady