Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's Beverly Hills Chihuahua was the highest new entry at number seven in Screen's international chart for the October 3-5 weekend, debuting just one place ahead of new Japanese crime thriller Suspect X.

The talking-dog family comedy, follows the titular Chihuahua, Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore), and her journey back to Hollywood after getting lost on a holiday in Mexico. It opened in five territories day-and-date alongside North America where the film took the top spot with a $29m gross.

Internationally the film took $5.3m from 835 engagements, including $1.5m from Australia, and just over $2m from 450 screens in Mexico, which placed it in first position, with a 20% bigger opening than Alvin And The Chipmunks in the same territory.

The film is scheduled for a staggered international release over the rest of 2008 and into early 2009, with France, Germany and the UK seeing the film debut in March.

Hiroshi Nishitani's Suspect X took first place in its home territory, easily outperforming the other new entry, Toei's Masked Rider Den-O: Final Countdown, which, with $1.7m takings, had to settle for second place. The Japanese chart was dominated by home-grown films, with eight local films accounting for 83.1% of the $15m top 10.

With Toho distributing, Suspect X grossed $5.2m from 410 screens, taking the highest average of the chart, with almost $13,000 per screen. The company has predicted a final cumulative gross for the film of approximately $40m.

Now in its 14th international week, Universal's Mamma Mia! The Movie was once again top of the table, with a mere 9% drop in week-on-week takings across 48 territories. The film grossed $14.3m from 4,222 screens for a $3,000 average. With the international cumulative now at $377m, and eight further territories in which to open, the film should easily pass the $400m marker.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend October 3-5
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Mamma Mia! The Movie (US)$14,253,5104,222$377,288,06448
2(15)Painted Skin (HK-Ch)$13,424,5811,282$17,604,6674
3(2)Wall-E (US)$11,582,4533,027$229,548,37231
4(6)Eagle Eye (US)$8,610,6641,971$15,423,25530
5(19)Burn After Reading (US-UK-Fr)$7,125,5011,028$14,245,27811
6(5)The Baader Meinhof Complex (Ger)$5,354,647660$12,064,0273
7NewBeverly Hills Chihuahua (US)$5,306,121835$5,306,1215
8NewSuspect X (Jap)$5,228,095410$5,228,0951
9(3)Tropic Thunder (US)$5,225,0111,936$49,297,78131
10(10)Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US)$4,941,8201,502$88,113,77032
11(33)Mirrors (US)$4,736,1721,536$18,962,90120
12(4)Righteous Kill (US)$4,474,6951,324$15,865,43815
13NewKidnap (Ind-Ch)$4,327,581871$4,327,58118
14(24)Death Race (US)$4,283,464959$17,985,37219
15(11)Babylon AD (Fr)$4,178,8121,799$39,938,04533
16(8)The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (UK-US)$3,228,435435$11,586,3572
17(12)The Class (Fr)$3,116,515549$7,549,3813
18(14)Taken (Fr)$3,018,046917$58,869,17521
19NewGo Fast (Fr)$2,976,163305$2,976,1633
20NewDrona (Ind)$2,765,093936$2,765,09317
21(13)Faubourg 36 (Fr)$2,599,981618$6,930,2233
22(9)Wanted (US)$2,478,4331,487$188,521,54622
23(23)You Don't Mess With The Zohan (US)$2,446,5721,250$97,200,67333
24(32)Disaster Movie (US)$2,397,831978$9,149,23512
25(41)Connected (HK)$2,360,487885$5,122,6785
26NewCliente (Fr)$2,268,990373$2,268,9902
27(7)The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon... (US)$2,246,738918$285,994,09730
28NewHow To Lose Friends & Alienate People (UK)$2,214,231509$2,214,2312
29NewModern Boy (S Kor)$1,968,357380$2,391,8541
30(54)Nights In Rodanthe (US)$1,781,912763$3,783,0778
31NewMasked Rider Den-O... Final Countdown (Jap)$1,716,850156$1,716,8501
32(17)The Dark Knight (US)$1,489,7421,081$461,440,66244
33(57)The Duchess (UK)$1,443,741452$12,636,8973
34(53)The House Bunny (US)$1,443,667446$2,819,3677
35(25)Step Brothers (US)$1,432,938528$21,476,75019
36NewGo Go 70 (S Kor)$1,315,163393$1,693,6451
37NewThe Holy Man 2 (Thai)$1,277,605139$1,277,6051
38(21)Vicky Cristina Barcelona (US-Sp-Fr)$1,238,781360$8,319,5344
39(28)Paco And The Magical Picture Book (Jap)$1,231,669292$16,174,5261
40(26)Let It Rain (Fr)$1,196,657477$7,564,6302
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady