Indian distributor UTV Communications had an international hit this weekend with Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, which enjoyed a $3.5m take and was the highest non-US entry in the top 40 chart.

The second feature from director Vivek Agnihotri played across 583 screens in 16 territories for a $5,798 screen average. Set in London, it is the story of a bankrupt football club struggling to stay afloat.

This was one of three Indian films in the international top 40, taking a combined 6.1% of the top 40 box-office revenue this weekend - Om Shanti Om and Saawariya continue their successful runs, generating $3.5m and $1.1m respectively.

Om Shanti Om, released through Eros International, stayed in the top 10 despite a third weekend fall of 44%. It played on 823 screens for a $4,265 screen average and has made more than $31m to date. Sony Pictures Releasing International's (Spri) Saawariya dropped a steep 71% and took $1.1m from 523 screens. It has a $19.2m tally after three weekends.

Italian films continue to show their colours in the international arena - four titles generated a collective $8.5m, accounting for 6.5% of the chart's total revenue. New entry Milano Palermo: Il Ritorno, released through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (Wdsmpi), just made the top 20 this weekend with a $2.2m take. The crime saga played across 246 screens and boasted the highest screen average, at $8,855, despite having only opened in Italy.

Meanwhile, local comedy Lezioni Di Cioccolato also entered the chart in its first weekend with a $938,698 take across 203 screens. The film, like Milano, is another Italian title backed by a major studio - it is released through Universal Pictures International (UPI) in conjunction with United International Pictures (UIP).

Spanish audiences are still flocking to horror films - Filmax release [Rec] entered the top 20 with a $2.3m take from 275 screens for an $8,204 screen average. The film, directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, opened at number three in its home territory trailing just behind new releases Enchanted and Beowulf. The three openers managed finally to oust Warner Bros' The Orphanage from the top slot after a six-week run at number one.

French films made their imprint on the international scene, with two new entries generating nearly $4m, accounting for 2.9% of the chart's total gross. Gaumont's comedy Les Deux Mondes made almost $2m from 510 screens in three territories while Studio Canal's Ce Soir, Je Dors Chez Toi trailed just behind with $1.9m from 282 screens.

Japan's newest offering, Midnight Eagle, came in at number 36, generating $1.1m from 314 screens in its home territory. The action film, based on the novel by Tetsuo Takashima, enjoyed a $3,509 screen average and has a $1.7m tally including previews.

Elsewhere, Warner Bros' Beowulf remains king at $25.4m while UPI/UIP's American Gangster held on to the second slot with $10.8m. Disney's fairytale adventure Enchanted catapulted in at number three with a $7.9m take across eight territories.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend November 23-25
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Beowulf (US)$25,404,6795,433$48,533,97544
2(2)American Gangster (US)$10,798,2611,576$30,412,12615
3NewEnchanted (US)$7,879,0081,051$7,879,0088
4(3)The Heartbreak Kid (US)$7,774,8392,059$62,499,63036
5(14)Saw IV (US)$4,656,7161,523$44,510,01127
6(7)Lions For Lambs (US)$4,344,8782,453$25,968,90953
7(6)Elizabeth: The Golden Age (UK-US-Fr)$4,255,4871,694$28,239,08620
8(5)Ratatouille (US)$4,185,0812,608$402,623,00126
9(8)Matrimonio Alle Bahamas (It)$3,861,309461$10,000,7531
10(4)Om Shanti Om (Ind)$3,510,217823$31,029,56015
11NewDhan Dhana Dhan Goal (Ind) $3,485,263583$3,485,26316
12(38)1408 (US)$3,192,647762$38,879,49314
13(11)Lust, Caution (Chi-HK-Tai-US)$3,030,689696$39,415,91415
14(19)Always: Sunset On Third Street 2 (Jap)$2,689,030382$26,424,4801
15(15)Sky Of Love (Jap)$2,507,711290$23,889,0921
16(12)Stardust (UK-US)$2,403,4971,430$92,586,41236
17(25)Seven Days (S Kor)$2,381,343290$6,148,3311
18(9)Resident Evil: Extinction (Aus-Ger-UK-US)$2,279,6401,177$90,983,71735
19New[Rec] (Sp)$2,256,017275$2,256,0171
20NewMilano Palermo: Il Ritorno (It)$2,178,459246$2,178,4591
21(16)Le Grand Chef (S Kor)$2,081,497309$16,541,9121
22NewLes Deux Mondes (Fr)$1,933,970510$1,933,9703
23NewCe Soir, Je Dors Chez Toi (Fr)$1,871,691282$1,871,6912
24(18)Surf's Up (US)$1,813,7591,600$82,161,69325
25(40)The Kingdom (US)$1,777,932787$32,964,86029
26(34)Beyaz Melek (Tur)$1,625,862239$3,659,7384
27(13)The Bourne Ultimatum (US)$1,613,483531$207,091,07219
28(24)Michael Clayton (US)$1,560,747681$25,536,87919
29(20)Come Tu Mi Vuoi (It)$1,556,786304$9,612,0731
30(21)Good Luck Chuck (US)$1,480,817687$16,117,73314
31(17)30 Days Of Night (US)$1,475,771954$16,771,26516
32(23)Lissi Und Der Wilde Kaiser (Ger)$1,377,126862$23,828,4033
33NewHitman (UK-US-Fr)$1,339,342307$1,339,34212
34NewThe Mist (US)$1,197,454286$1,197,4543
35(26)Eastern Promises (Can-UK-US)$1,121,575473$18,846,98711
36NewMidnight Eagle (Jap)$1,101,873314$1,707,8151
37(37)Death At A Funeral (Ger-UK-US)$1,075,133416$24,838,40211
38(10)Saawariya (Ind)$1,068,672523$19,166,88210
39(33)The Three Investigators... (Ger)$1,046,761667$5,044,1973
40NewLezioni Di Cioccolato (It)$938,698203$938,6981
(c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady