With Doug Liman's Jumper in at number one, India's Jodhaa Akbar was the highest non-US entry in this weekend's international top 40, generating $8.1m from 15 territories. The 16th-century love story, starring Aishwarya Rai, catapulted to number four in the chart and played on 1,105 screens for a $7,305 screen average. It grossed $713,866 from just 15 screens in the UK, putting it in the UK top 10 with a $15,519 screen average. The film also took $142,338 from 15 screens in Australia and $22,191 from just four screens in New Zealand. It is distributed by UTV Communications.

Italian opener Parlami D'Amore enjoyed an impressive debut with a $4.4m take over the three-day period. The romantic comedy is the directorial debut of actor Silvio Muccino, whose credits include Italian hits Manuale D'Amore and Il Mio Miglior Nemico. Muccino also wrote and stars in the film, which played more than 595 screens in its home territory for a $7,335 screen average. It is distributed in Italy through 01 Distribuzione and has generated $5.5m to date, including previews.

Holdover title Quiet Chaos continues its run in the top 40, taking $1.8m from 365 screens in Italy for a $5,039 screen average. The drama, based on the novel by Sandro Veronesi, fell 25% in its second weekend and has a $5.3m cumulative total. South Korea's new entry, The Chaser, opened in the top 20 with a $3.9m take on 440 screens for a $8,936 screen average. The thriller, directed by Na Hong-jin, has taken more than $4.7m to date. It is distributed through Showbox.

Meanwhile, Pathe Distribution's Asterix At The Olympic Games was ousted from the top slot over the weekend as Fox's Jumper leapt to number one with a near $30m take. Asterix slipped 38%, grossing $15.1m at the weekend. It played on 3,673 screens across 25 territories for a $4,113 screen average and has taken a whopping $93.2m after just four weekends. It has grossed more than $38m in France, $8.6m in Germany, $3.7m in Italy and nearly $5m in Spain.

The top 40 films generated $189.3m across 48,218 screens for the period of February 15-17.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend February 15-17
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewJumper (US)$29,366,9212,828$29,366,92130
2(1)Asterix At The Olympic Games (Fr-Sp-It)$15,107,9363,673$93,228,32125
3(4)National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (US)$12,673,3713,002$202,280,87538
4NewJodhaa Akbar (Ind)$8,072,2861,105$8,072,28615
5(44)27 Dresses (US)$6,981,4911,690$22,601,64822
6(11)Rambo (US)$6,957,4181,989$25,626,20125
7(7)Sweeney Todd... (US-UK)$6,870,2382,251$69,467,49339
8(6)Juno (US)$6,813,9621,344$28,366,66519
9(2)Cloverfield (US)$6,646,2893,110$68,768,02949
10(13)P.S. I Love You (US)$6,310,5191,548$66,193,04329
11(3)CJ7 (HK)$5,073,705830$39,218,0728
12(18)The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (US)$4,654,7082,441$23,309,66028
13(14)The Bucket List (US)$4,457,1361,639$26,963,64221
14NewParlami D'Amore (It)$4,364,602595$5,462,8701
15(19)Earth (Ger-UK)$4,241,193593$42,374,3395
16(12)No Country For Old Men (US)$4,067,6411,277$30,769,31325
17NewThe Chaser (S Kor)$3,931,998440$4,749,3201
18(5)I Am Legend (US)$3,650,4112,232$325,451,00136
19(9)L: Change The World (Jap)$3,611,257502$15,559,7004
20(55)There Will Be Blood (US)$3,558,706617$5,027,09218
21(10)Charlie Wilson's War (US)$3,431,6621,476$32,082,24934
22(8)Kung Fu Dunk (HK-Tai-Chi)$3,392,2361,031$17,283,2325
23(17)Alvin And The Chipmunks (US)$2,770,9701,709$125,479,44019
24(40)Definitely, Maybe (UK-US-Fr)$2,741,872573$5,537,4603
25(26)Keinohrhasen (Ger)$2,353,129712$52,461,5203
26(15)American Gangster (US)$2,348,6241,453$129,051,94432
27(32)The Kite Runner (US)$2,150,687609$25,103,08019
28(41)The Orphanage (Mex-Sp)$2,042,588638$49,430,6018
29(31)Lejdis (Pol)$1,963,764160$9,831,5531
30(16)Saw IV (US)$1,940,561529$64,421,5389
31(20)30 Days Of Night (US)$1,935,430578$34,132,6067
32(29)Into The Wild (US)$1,904,934611$22,930,45410
33(27)Quiet Chaos (It)$1,839,245365$5,334,2131
34(25)Enchanted (US)$1,777,1611,090$180,358,62431
35(30)Atonement (UK-US-Fr)$1,660,075948$66,249,32839
36(63)Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (US)$1,634,002662$29,572,5769
37(28)Glorious Team Batista (Jap)$1,572,257284$6,909,680 1
38NewThe Maiden And The Wolves (Fr)$1,533,689417$1,533,6892
39NewThe Spiderwick Chronicles (US)$1,446,253202$1,446,2532
40*Elizabeth: The Golden Age (UK-US-Fr)$1,411,438465$50,211,025161
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady