Twentieth Century Fox International's Valkyrie is the new international number one after making its debut in 13 markets. Grossing $12.8m from 2,089 screens over the January 23-25 weekend, the film opened at number one in Germany ($3.6m from 689 screens), Australia ($1.3m from 232) and the Netherlands ($900,000 from 96).

Directed by Bryan Singer and starring Tom Cruise, Valkyrie will open in an additional 10 European territories, including France, Russia, Italy and Spain, this week, with further releases through February.

Slumdog Millionaire responded to international awards success with a 40% increase on the previous week. In the UK, Danny Boyle's romantic drama was up 7% at the weekend, grossing $3.8m from 379 screens for a $10,000 screen average. Valkyrie opened in second place behind Slumdog, which also made its bow in India grossing $1.9m from 351 screens. It was kept off the top spot by Raaz: The Mystery Continues. In its eighth week on international release, Slumdog grossed $9.7m from 1,103 screens, bringing its total to date to $30.1m.

A Russian title, The Very Best Film 2, was the highest non-US new entry in Screen's international chart after taking $9.3m from four markets. It took $8.4m from 948 screens in its home territory.

Paramount Pictures International's Oscar-contender Revolutionary Road was one of the biggest climbers, with a 350% rise in three-day revenues, opening in a further 11 markets including France, Japan and Spain. It grossed $8.6m from 1,710 screens for an average of $5,000. The film reaches another 15 territories this weekend.

Warner Bros' Gran Torino, directed by Clint Eastwood, began its international run in Australia where, with previews, it took $1.4m from 149 screens, the biggest ever launch for the director in the territory. The film expands internationally in February and March.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend January 23-25
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewValkyrie (US-Ger)$12,845,9842,089$14,162,31813
2(1)Seven Pounds (US)$12,637,8993,316$60,174,96724
3(3)Yes Man (US)$10,935,2423,244$85,468,54752
4(2)Twilight (US)$10,126,7872,915$160,286,24645
5(8)Slumdog Millionaire (UK)$9,715,8401,103$30,124,67311
6NewThe Very Best Film 2 (Rus)$9,290,1881,072$9,290,1884
7(24)Revolutionary Road (US)$8,602,8231,710$11,808,83719
8(5)Red Cliff Part II (Ch)$7,665,7301,691$42,222,9986
9NewItalians (It)$7,101,399611$7,101,3991
10(4)Australia (Aus-US)$6,695,6913596$130,348,88832
11(12)Bolt (US)$6,299,5232523$91,350,82332
12(13)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (US)$6,159,5111,336$22,487,67416
13(6)Madagascar: Escape To Africa 2 (US)$5,284,3464,310$388,981,75439
14NewUnderworld: Rise Of The Lycans (US)$4,899,270808$4,899,27022
15(9)Bride Wars (US)$4,468,2271,322$17,392,96323
16(10)Bedtime Stories (US)$4,181,3332668$74,540,58024
17(11)Transporter 3 (US-Fr)$3,678,8261,271$54,623,97620
18(65)Quantum Of Solace (US-UK)$3,626,684578$391,668,50719
19NewRaaz: The Mystery Continues (Ind)$3,489,405997$3,489,40511
20(25)Changeling (US)$3,094,2351,368$47,038,09439
21(14)Beverly Hills Chihuahua (US)$2,820,601903$32,269,5788
22NewSilver Medalist (Ch)$2,623,500825$2,623,5001
23(16)Defiance (US)$2,506,7051,111$11,965,0179
24(7)Chandni Chowk To China (Ind)$2,493,6841,134$11,746,14219
25(19)Pandemic (Jap)$2,485,209324$8,759,4041
26(15)De L'Autre Cote Du Lit (Fr)$2,459,198616$11,813,4473
27(20)Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US)$2,421,548346$132,224,9584
28(52)Hotel For Dogs (US)$2,233,184734$3,747,4687
29NewEnvoyes Tres Speciaux (Fr)$2,161,240514$2,161,2403
30(21)Marley & Me (US)$2,117,6471,146$16,533,37116
31(17)Role Models (US)$2,068,576559$11,824,4718
32(67)Milk (US)$1,911,791514$3,212,0698
33(27)My Bloody Valentine 3D (US)$1,754,225199$4,990,6612
34(40)Vicky Cristina Barcelona (US-Sp)$1,714,443869$62,717,20023
35(32)The Unborn (US)$1,602,330562$4,027,6545
36(26)Che: Part One (US-Sp-Fr)$1,553,963784$23,000,0106
37(22)The Day The Earth Stood Still (US)$1,461,652983$148,955,6276
38(18)Saw V (US)$1,435,921516$55,041,54510
39(30)If I Were You 2 (Bra)$1,329,088306$13,164,6941
40NewGran Torino (US)$1,257,376174$1,434,5512
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady