Eros International had an impressive weekend as two new Indian films became the highest non-US entrants in the international top 40, with a combined total of $4.6m.

Krazzy 4, the highest entry from the distributor, came in at number 14 with a $2.6m take across 16 territories. The romantic comedy played on 742 screens for a $3,483 screen average. It is the debut feature from Jaideep Sen and stars Shahrukh Khan and Dolly Bindra.

Eros' second offering, U, Me Aur Hum, fell just shy of the top 20 with a $2.2m take from 641 screens for a $3,393 screen average. The romance played in 15 territories and took $338,937 from 46 screens in the UK, where it had a $7,368 screen average. It is the debut feature from Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan (Halla Bol), who wrote the script alongside Robin Bhatt and Sutanu Gupta.

Geetha Arts' production Jalsa dropped 23% to number 25 this weekend. The film was on $1.9m for the weekend across 633 screens in 11 territories. It has generated $7.2m after just two weekends on release.

France on top

Elsewhere, French films continue to throw their weight around, with four titles accounting for 14% of the top 40 revenue. Pathe's Welcome To The Sticks was up one place to number three in its seventh weekend with a $7.3m take, falling by a mere 2%. The comedy played across 941 screens in Belgium, France, Switzerland and the UK and enjoyed a $7,716 screen average. It has grossed $178.4m to date.

Studio Canal's Disco suffered a much steeper drop - 44% - in its second weekend but still remained in the top five, with a $4.8m take on 857 screens. The Gerard Depardieu comedy has a $15.8m cumulative total to date.

And a third French comedy opened this weekend - Les Randonneurs A Saint-Tropez took $1.8m from 545 screens for a $3,346 screen average. The sequel to 1997's Les Randonneurs sees Philippe Harel return to the director's chair and star in the film. It is distributed in France through TFM Distribution.

Europa Corp's thriller Taken shot up a whopping 591% at the weekend, thanks to an impressive $2m opening in South Korea, where it took the number-one slot. The film, written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, generated $2.2m internationally in its seventh weekend from just 346 screens for a $6,453 screen average. It has an $11.8m tally to date.

Meanwhile, Japanese film Masked Rider: Den-O & Kiva opened in the top 30 this weekend with a $1.8m take in its home territory. The special-effects film, directed by Osamu Kaneda, boasted the weekend's highest screen average with a mammoth $13,044 per screen. It is distributed by Toei and is based on the popular television drama Karmen Rider Den-O.

Spain's new entry, Fuera De Carta, opened with a $1.5m take from 229 screens on its home turf. The debut feature from Nacho G Velilla had a $6,473 screen average. It is distributed locally through Warner Bros and came in at number two in the Spanish chart, trailing just behind Sony's 21.

Cinemavault's Scar just made the top 40 this weekend after opening in Russia, with a $1.3m take from 295 screens. The thriller was top of the Russian chart and had a $4,435 screen average.

UK-France co-production Son Of Rambow continues to draw British crowds as the film saw a mere 16% drop in its second weekend, remaining at number two in the UK chart. The childhood comedy generated $1.5m from 308 screens for a $4,803 screen average. It has generated $4.6m to date and is distributed locally through Optimum Releasing.

Elsewhere, Sony's blackjack drama 21 was the highest new entrant in the international arena, grossing more than $8m in its first weekend from 974 screens. But Fox's Horton Hears A Who! remained king with a $9m take from 4,823 screens and boasts a $103.4m international tally to date.

The top 40 international films generated $111.3m across 39,818 screens for the period April 11-13.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Horton Hears A Who! (US)$9,023,2584,823$103,364,00641
2New21 (US)$8,074,017974$8,091,1558
3(4)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$7,261,053941$178,425,3794
4(2)Disco (Fr)$4,821,177857$15,828,4163
5(7)Step Up 2 The Streets (US)$4,782,2301,684$63,686,66129
6(*)Nim's Island (US-UK)$4,531,972970$5,638,1967
7(5)The Spiderwick Chronicles (US)$4,258,1422,937$66,237,62549
8(3)Three Kingdoms ... (HK-S Kor)$3,933,8011,096$16,278,0496
9(*)Shutter (US)$3,200,7961,133$6,868,73917
10(11)The Game Plan (US)$3,194,3161,424$47,503,76013
11(6)10,000 BC (US)$2,919,9962,804$160,413,77359
12(8)Jumper (US)$2,846,5011,794$134,936,77416
13(9)Vantage Point (US)$2,673,4411,666$72,707,53553
14NewKrazzy 4 (Ind)$2,584,329742$2,584,32916
15(10)The Kite Runner (US)$2,452,123860$51,375,23326
16NewLeatherheads (US)$2,306,396552$2,512,2442
17(14)Untraceable (US)$2,288,1881,090$14,493,22516
18*Taken (Fr)$2,232,596346$11,793,5702
19(13)Juno (US)$2,231,4771,087$79,320,22919
20(34)The Eye (US)$2,194,589789$15,474,56226
21NewU, Me Aur Hum (Ind)$2,175,062641$2,175,06215
22(20)Fool's Gold (US)$2,150,227838$15,679,20524
23(12)27 Dresses (US)$2,094,514822$69,159,58314
24(15)The Other Boleyn Girl (UK-US)$2,003,857802$31,414,12319
25(22)Jalsa (Ind)$1,900,504633$7,194,09611
26NewLes Randonneurs A Saint Tropez (Fr)$1,823,846545$1,823,8462
27NewMasked Rider: Den-O & Kiva (Jap)$1,774,055136$1,774,0551
28(*)Definitely, Maybe (US-UK)$1,717,244709$15,681,75123
29(31)Superhero Movie (US)$1,714,438459$5,205,7428
30(35)The Bucket List (US)$1,625,368756$63,107,72232
31(17)Cloverfield (US)$1,594,810268$84,204,9758
32(19)Never Back Down (US)$1,577,530737$6,645,6635
33(25)Die Welle (Ger)$1,500,088511$18,139,9832
34(32)Drillbit Taylor (US)$1,485,073922$11,416,29011
35NewFuera De Carta (Sp)$1,482,228229$1,482,2281
36(26)Son Of Rambow (UK-Fr)$1,479,199308$4,620,7031
37(18)Awake (US)$1,381,624810$10,278,98611
38(27)Nie Klam Kochanie (Pol)$1,341,720156$6,773,8551
39(16)Meet The Spartans (US)$1,331,372672$38,039,42211
40NewScar (US-Can)$1,308,216295$1,308,2161
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady