The weird and the wonderful were up against the fast and the furious in the week’s international box-office chart as PPI’s Monsters Vs Aliens was pitted against UPI’s Fast & Furious, both vying for the number one slot.

Despite grossing $30.3m, Fast & Furious was unable to claim pole position, as Monsters Vs Aliens roared its way to $33.5m in its second weekend from 7,707 screens, bringing its early total to date to $46.9m. The DreamWorks animation took $6.5m (£4.3m) from 520 screens in the UK, keeping Richard Curtis’ local title The Boat That Rocked from a number one debut, despite grossing $2.6m (£1.8m) from 462 screens, including previews.

Monsters Vs Aliens’ tally included $2.9m generated by 172 UK 3D locations, and $233,000 from seven Imax locations, which accounted for 5% of the box office from 1% of the screens. Screen averages in the market were greatly improved by 3D presentations, averaging $17,000 against $7,000 for a conventional screen.

PPI sources said despite unseasonably sunny weather in Europe, the film outperformed comparable 3D releases in most countries in the region, surpassing Bolt by 51% in the UK and Spain and by 22% in Italy. Elsewhere, PPI said the film enjoyed more favourable market conditions and beat the debuts of Boltby 67% in Australia, 34% in Mexico, and 58% in Brazil.

UPI’s Fast & Furious outperformed all previous international openings for the franchise, and alongside the remarkable North American debut of $72.5m the film produced a $100m-plus opening global weekend.

The fourth instalment, which reunites Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, took the top spot in more than 21 markets, including Germany ($6.1m from 605 copies), Spain ($3.7 from 333) and Mexico ($3.6m from 454). The film rolls out in a further 12 territories this weekend, including the UK.

 (Last 3-day   
 week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(9)Monsters Vs Aliens (US)$33,472,9467,707$46,900,51049
2NewFast & Furious (US)$30,459,4873,310$30,459,48732
3(2)Knowing (US-Aus)$8,978,1432,018$26,390,41518
4(1)Slumdog Millionaire (UK)$8,193,5793,122$188,962,60053
5NewTaras Bulba (Rus)$7,077,312738$7,077,3122
6(4)Marley & Me (US)$5,967,0532,860$83,335,88533
7(3)Gran Torino (US)$5,540,6672,359$88,097,91343
8NewSafari (Fr)$4,580,625583$4,580,6251
9(5)Paul Blart: Mall Cop (US)$3,962,9861,430$19,786,07813
10(15)He’s Just Not That Into You (US)$3,512,8841,201$61,532,75023
11(6)Duplicity (US)$2,878,6341,640$17,129,32418
12(8)Confessions Of A Shopaholic (US)$2,704,9381,66948,970,67131
13NewThe Boat That Rocked (UK)$2,676,972462$2,676,9721
14NewShadow Kill (S Kor)$2,517,471386$2,904,7921
15(19)Dragonball Evolution (US)$2,446,8312,200$25,209,41719
16NewThe Shinjuku Incident (HK)$1,985,101278$2,013,3405
17(7)Coco (Fr)$1,957,426704$24,779,6693
18(14)Race To Witch Mountain (US)$1,900,7111,176$9,358,25617
19(13)The Reader (US-Ger)$1,851,6611,281$45,891,66925
20(12)Le Premiere Etoile (Fr)$1,838,214350$5,955,9231
21(25)Drop (Jap)$1,628,529165$11,528,9931
22(11)Watchmen (US)$1,581,8001,359$71,516,34748
23(10)Mannersache (Ger)$1,529,610685$14,378,9012
24(18)Yatterman (Jap)$1,499,900310$26,669,0891
25(24)Doraemon: The Movie (Jap)$1,492,282364$21,463,2661
26New8 x 10 Tasveer (Ind)$1,407,0451,123$1,407,04516
27(20)The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swe)$1,323,734329$29,400,9964
28(28)The Haunting In Connecticut (US)$1,124,423314$3,707,1941
29(16)Sex, Party And Lies (Sp)$1,099,862238$3,776,8831
30(35)The International (US-Ger)$1,075,531761$23,917,80531
31(22)Bedtime Stories (US)$969,008883$108,255,98617
32(32)Kanshiki: Yonezawa Mamoru No Zikenbo (Jap)$933,822193$4,089,9651
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady