Major territory releases for US films are few and farbetween this weekend as the marketplace waits for Star Wars: Episode III tomake its global entrance next week.

Fox International's Kingdom of Heaven, currently theinternational box office leader after its launch in 99 territories lastweekend, opens in Japan, its only remaining major market (though China is stillto come next month), on May 14.

Besides looking for strong holds worldwide from the RidleyScott epic, Fox will be hoping that the 500-print Japanese release will addanother big gross to the $59.1m (not including takes from France and Italy) thefilm has earned internationally at time of writing.

Fox International has two other major territory launchesthis weekend: Flight of the Phoenix (international total to date - $9.8m) openswith 60 prints in France, its penultimate major market; and I Heart Huckabees(with $2.31m to date) opens with 40 prints in Germany.

UIP launches Focus Features' Jet Li action thrillerUnleashed (aka Danny The Dog) in Germany on May 12, the day before the filmopens in the US. The distributor is also opening Friday Night Lights ($430,619international to date) in the UK and Japan, its last two major territories;Coach Carter ($4.5m to date) in Korea; and Team America: World Police ($17.4mto date) in Italy, the film's final territory.

Warner Bros Pictures International launches last week'sopener (in the US, Taiwan and Singapore) House of Wax in India this weekend.The company's international holdovers are A Very Long Engagement ($63.1minternationally to May 11), Constantine ($149.5m) and Miss Congeniality 2($49.2m).

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens A Lot Like Love inMexico, the film's first major market, this weekend and also debuts theromantic comedy in Poland, Russia, Taiwan (May 14) and Thailand (May 12). BVI'sThe Pacifier (with just under $50m internationally to date) opens in Brazil andIce Princess in Spain. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ($20m to date) addsIsrael to its three current territories on May 12.

Sony Pictures Releasing International has no major openingsthis weekend but the distributor reports a $32.5m international running totalfor recent day-and-date global launch XXX: The Next Level and an internationaltally of $181.1m for Hitch, which has still to open in Japan.