Combined international motion picture revenue streams will overtake their domestic equivalent this year and are forecast to boom over the next eight years with a notable surge in the home entertainment sector, a new report is predicting.

The report by California-based Kagan Research predictsinternational motion picture sales through all media will reach $25.4bn by the end of the year compared to $24.9bn in domestic sales.

The report, entitled The Business Of Movie Production &Distribution 2006, forecasts a widening gulf between the two arenas withexpected respective yields of $38.2bn against $34.8bn by 2014.

At a time when domestic theatrical receipts are currently trailingtheir 2004 counterparts by 6% and DVD sales are flattening out, Kagan claimshome entertainment still represents the greatest growth area.

The study projects continued growth in this sector, with revenuesrising from an estimated $25.7bn in 2005 to $33.6bn by 2014.

TV revenues are also set to rise and will increase 6.4% from 2005to 2014, by which time revenues will reach $20.1bn. As VOD platforms gainweight, Kagan forecasts TV earnings will account for 27% of total distributorrevenue by 2014.