Sweden-Denmark co-production The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (aka Men Who Hate Women) debuted as the highest new entry in Screen's international chart for the post-Oscar box-office weekend.

The film reached number 13 after it opened through Nordisk in its home territories on a combined 266 screens, taking $1.8m in Sweden and $2.2m in Denmark, where it averaged a hefty $21,500 per screen.

The film, based on the international bestseller by Stieg Larsson and the first part in what has become known as The Millennium Trilogy, follows a journalist investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl some 40 years earlier. With previews included, the thriller's total gross now stands at $4.7m. Further releases are scheduled in Norway (March 13), Finland (March 27), France and Belgium (both May 13).

French comedy Cyprien made the top 20 in its first week after opening at home and in Belgium. With TF1 International distributing, the film grossed a total of $2.9m from 357 screens, an average of $8,200.

Oscar achievements significantly improved the performance of two films internationally, with Slumdog Millionaire finally reaching the number one spot after debuting in 17th position eight weeks ago (see p4). Likewise foreign-language Oscar-winner Departures enjoyed a massive 476% increase on weekend takings, jumping 41 places to 17th position (see p23).

Warner Bros' Gran Torino also enjoyed a sizeable rise in takings, adding $10m to its tally over the February 27-March 1 weekend. It opened in six new markets including France, where it took the top spot with $5m on 424 screens, a local record for a Clint Eastwood film. In the UK it expanded wide to reach second place in the market, grossing $1.9m from 303 screens. Gran Torino opens in six more territories this coming weekend, including Germany and Spain, with further releases through March and April. It has taken $18.7m to date in international markets to add to a $139m domestic haul.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(3)Slumdog Millionaire (UK)$16,936,8452,915$99,713,59537
2(1)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (US)$14,129,1814,987$175,928,67756
3(42)Gran Torino (US)$10,044,3551,091$18,747,64710
4(2)Bolt (US)$7,621,0533,089$166,215,78434
5(5)Valkyrie (US-Ger)$6,753,3383,421$94,069,09940
6(7)The Pink Panther 2 (US)$6,333,7443,186$22,261,94853
7(20)The Reader (US-Ger)$6,067,6571,077$20,428,72614
8(6)Confessions Of A Shopaholic (US)$5,003,8781,463$17,798,62714
9(4)He's Just Not That Into You (US)$4,894,3132,091$40,960,48128
10(23)The International (US-Ger)$4,519,6831,832$10,917,34427
11(33)Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (US)$4,116,0161,407$29,406,59731
12*The Unborn (US)$4,030,709811$11,067,69714
13NewThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swe-Den)$4,005,884266$4,665,1632
14(10)Hotel For Dogs (US)$3,862,6282,192$28,914,46929
15(16)Bride Wars (US)$3,475,3451,755$48,879,62820
16(11)LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (Fr)$3,455,572534$24,269,9282
17(58)Departures (Jap)$3,416,632207$40,189,3903
18(13)Yes Man (US)$3,039,6331,503$124,901,47237
19(8)Change Of Plans (Fr)$2,923,598550$10,143,8603
20NewCyprien (Fr)$2,916,196357$2,916,1962
21(18)Changeling (US)$2,712,0781,186$67,182,54036
22(9)Delhi 6 (Ind)$2,229,232894$9,451,34412
23(14)District 13: Ultimatum (Fr)$2,189,509414$7,091,6642
24(17)Seven Pounds (US)$2,116,9271,089$92,292,43345
25(21)Lilly The Witch: The Dragon And ... (Ger)$2,015,878597$5,043,9264
26(19)Twilight (US)$2,005,2881,483$189,278,34626
27(12)Recep Ivedik 2 (Tur)$1,947,597472$22,265,0715
28(67)Role Models (US)$1,861,886950$21,691,33621
29(24)The Wrestler (US)$1,729,959893$10,573,87423
30(30)Bedtime Stories (US)$1,714,556975$9,219,66325
31(50)Australia (Aus-US)$1,700,654886$152,010,7806
32(25)Old Partner (S Kor)$1,676,809180$9,242,7421
33(28)Twentieth Century Boys: Chapter 2 (Jap)$1,593,082374$26,429,6291
34NewMord Ist Mein Geschaft, Liebling (Ger)$1,526,254466$1,526,2543
35(15)Friday The 13th (US)$1,407,5201,515$18,742,04029
36NewIago (It)$1,363,980378$1,363,9801
37(38)The Tale Of Despereaux (US)$1,346,349925$30,403,93632
38(43)Milk (US)$1,306,334579$12,021,91826
39NewBellamy (Fr)$1,266,869286$1,266,8691
40(29)Revolutionary Road (US)$1,166,2231,245$48,471,55944
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady