The second instalment of John Woo's war epic Red Cliff Part II stormed to the top of Screen's international chart for the January 9-11 weekend, after opening in China and Singapore. The film took $15.7m from 1,445 screens, giving the week's second-highest screen average of $10,900.

Distributor China Film Group will hope Part II outperforms the record-breaking run of the first film, which became the highest-grossing Chinese-language film of all time in its home territory, taking $45.7m (rmb312m) in 2008. It took the same record in Japan, where it has now grossed approximately $53m (Yen4.8bn), adding to more than $100m of box-office revenue from Asian territories for the film.

Red Cliff Part II will continue its Asian run with openings in Hong Kong and Taiwan this coming weekend, follow by South Korea (January 22) and Japan (April 10).

Sony Pictures Releasing International's Seven Pounds entered the chart's top three in its third week of international release following decent holdover business and openings in seven territories, including a first-place debut in Italy ($5.2m from 553 screens - an average of $9,400). The film, which reunites Will Smith with The Pursuit Of Happyness director Gabriele Muccino, also opened in Germany (where it placed second for $3.4m from 467 screens), Australia ($1.4m from 261) and Mexico ($1m from 300). The film grossed $13.2m over the three-day weekend from 2,030 screens in 14 markets. It expands this weekend to a further seven markets, including France, Spain, Russia and the UK (see Final Cut, p28).

Three new entries from the US, Defiance, Role Models and Bride Wars, began their international run in the top 20. All opened in the UK in the top four, with Role Models claiming the top spot in the territory (with $3.5m from 352 screens), Bride Wars taking third place ($2.7m from 324) and Defiance following in fourth ($1.7m from 326).

Analysis: International box-office Weekend JANUARY 9-11
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewRed Cliff Part II (Ch)$15,723,4621,445$15,723,4622
2(1)Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (US)$14,764,6926,406$366,645,29249
3(41)Seven Pounds (US)$13,239,8352,030$16,875,34314
4(8)Twilight (US)$12,944,8662,853$125,510,10942
5(5)Yes Man (US)$12,770,8022,313$52,180,71532
6(3)Australia (US-Aus)$12,326,8864,901$103,300,35655
7(2)Bedtime Stories (US)$9,698,4973,487$59,853,37928
8(43)Transporter 3 (US-UK-Fr)$8,415,5701,189$42,594,75120
9(7)The Day The Earth Stood Still (US)$5,820,4803,638$140,065,17934
10(4)Bolt (US)$5,492,8252,625$75,526,12529
11(6)The Inhabited Island (Rus)$5,480,4701,004$19,883,2042
12NewDe L'Autre Cote Du Lit (Fr)$4,288,184612$4,288,1841
13(67)Che Part One (US-Sp-Fr)$3,682,697764$15,040,7675
14NewDefiance (US)$3,660,325777$3,728,1393
15(10)Ghajini (Ind)$3,651,643843$34,118,76516
16NewRole Models (US)$3,582,338370$3,683,3374
17(58)Slumdog Millionaire (UK)$3,480,040446$8,082,8393
18NewBride Wars (US)$2,765,640433$2,765,6403
19(17)A Frozen Flower (S Kor)$2,743,996509$12,565,4041
20(14)Stilyagi (Rus)$2,648,688939$14,093,2202
21(24)Changeling (US)$2,538,698953$39,556,16423
22(15)The Tale Of Despereaux (US)$2,247,9722,001$17,473,56319
23(9)If You Are The One (Ch)$2,163,085636$44,350,3642
24(23)Marley & Me (US)$2,141,221534$8,691,8238
25(27)Overspeed Scandal (S Kor)$2,117,870360$29,019,6831
26(22)If I Were You 2 (Bra)$1,910,843297$7,401,8951
27(16)Wall-E (US)$1,878,263523$303,584,5936
28(11)Lovey Dovey 2 (Rus)$1,799,481808$18,470,6142
29(25)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (US)$1,605,936341$8,929,8683
30(20)Ip Man (Ch)$1,575,589724$21,034,7814
31(12)The Spirit (US)$1,563,6741,366$13,093,84816
32(29)K-20: Legend Of The Mask (Jap)$1,508,753322$15,800,6371
33(72)Easy Virtue (UK)$1,327,605265$4,324,9664
34(56)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$1,295,920494$235,744,4427
35(39)Vicky Cristina Barcelona (US-Sp)$1,282,734591$58,902,03519
36(30)Burn After Reading (US-Sp-Fr)$1,257,764672$93,180,11618
37(21)Largo Winch (Fr)$1,255,927521$14,716,0823
38(19)1 1/2 Knights: In Search Of... (Ger)$1,250,010715$16,060,9323
39(32)Die Buddenbrooks (Ger)$1,238,806303$8,047,0913
40(34)Max Manus (Nor)$1,149,366103$9,119,6641
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady