Turkish film Recep Ivedik was the surprise big hitter in the international arena this weekend, generating $5.1m from just 230 screens in its home territory and catapulting it into the top 10.

It boasted easily the highest screen average, at $23,170 per screen, and marks the biggest opening for a Turkish film this year. The comedy, distributed through Ozen Film, is directed by Togan Gokbakar and stars his older brother Sahan. The pair had moderate local success in 2006 with their thriller Gen, which enjoyed a rather temperate $206,849 weekend opening at home.

Two French titles were the only other non-US titles in the top 10, led by Pathe Distribution's Asterix At The Olympics, which crossed the $100m mark at the weekend. The family film continues its solid performance despite dropping 32% with a $10.1m take. It played on 3,385 screens for a $2,980 screen average and has generated $108.1m after five weekends on release.

Studio Canal's new entry, Paris, enjoyed a $5.4m take at number nine. The romantic comedy, starring Juliette Binoche, had the second-highest screen average at the weekend with $10,972 over 492 screens. It is directed by Cedric Klapisch, whose 2005 hit Russian Dolls took $23.4m worldwide.

The fifth instalment of the Die Wilden Kerle franchise proved a hit in Germany, taking $4.1m in its opening weekend and putting it at number one in the territory. The sporty family film, written and directed by Joachim Masannek, played on 851 screens for a $4,808 average at the weekend. And holdover title Keinohrhasen remains in the German top three and the international top 30, falling by just 26% in its tenth weekend with a $1.7m take. The romantic comedy boasts a $55.3m tally to date.

Russian film We Are From The Future fell just outside the top 20 this weekend with a $3.1m take. The sci-fi adventure played on 515 screens for a $5,937 screen average. It is directed by Andrei Malyukov and released through Caroprokat.

The top 40 films generated $166m from 48,087 screens during the period February 22-24.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend February 22-24
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Jumper (US)$21,748,2923,984$60,419,22440
2(6)Rambo (US)$10,956,9552,952$38,901,89934
3(2)Asterix At The Olympic Games (Sp-Fr-It)$10,088,3263,385$108,079,79325
4(7)Sweeney Todd... (US)$8,595,9162,646$81,194,57642
5(3)National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (US)$7,728,0832,574$213,198,60930
6(8)Juno (US)$7,079,7821,745$39,171,50525
7(13)The Bucket List (US)$5,699,9841,973$34,759,68726
8(12)The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (US)$5,541,0062,362$32,829,21832
9NewParis (Fr)$5,398,487492$5,398,4872
10NewRecep Ivedik (Turk)$5,329,063230$5,329,0631
11(16)No Country For Old Men (US)$5,138,1731,506$37,396,54731
12(17)The Chaser (S Kor)$4,828,532476$12,232,3041
13(4)Jodhaa Akbar (Ind)$4,237,6601,044$16,229,74315
14(19)L: Change The World (Jap)$4,225,881684$22,730,6656
15NewDie Wilden Kerle 5 (Ger)$4,091,545851$4,091,5451
16(20)There Will Be Blood (US)$4,077,615801$10,345,45830
17(15)Earth (Ger-UK)$3,950,718703$48,219,1524
18(10)P.S. I Love You (US)$3,787,7861,614$72,333,58131
19(5)27 Dresses (US)$3,717,4801,599$28,258,67123
20(21)Charlie Wilson's War (US)$3,456,5351,467$36,668,62734
21NewWe Are From The Future (Rus)$3,057,625515$3,057,6253
22(9)Cloverfield (US)$3,016,0852,098$74,180,86044
23NewBe Kind Rewind (US)$2,729,095360$2,729,0951
24(35)Atonement (UK-Fr-US)$2,650,9571,540$69,660,26645
25(14)Parlami D'Amore (It)$2,444,878552$9,482,8541
26(23)Alvin And The Chipmunks (US)$2,431,0441,458$130,547,09013
27(27)The Kite Runner (US)$1,942,224603$28,097,52523
28NewVantage Point (US)$1,790,289522$1,790,2896
29(11)CJ7 (HK)$1,743,125671$42,389,5518
30(25)Keinohrhasen (Ger)$1,732,993707$55,284,2313
31(18)I Am Legend (US)$1,458,1401,192$328,136,57926
32(32)Into The Wild (US)$1,449,360579$25,331,86212
33(24)Definitely, Maybe (UK-US)$1,390,639484$7,959,2773
34(29)Lejdis (Pol)$1,378,271160$12,247,8291
35(43)Fool's Gold (US)$1,337,442634$5,696,9027
36(28)Orphanage (Mex-Sp)$1,238,178665$52,318,65210
37(22)Kung Fu Dunk (HK-Tai-Chi)$1,194,686720$19,428,2916
38(37)Glorious Team Batista (Jap)$1,137,449284 $9,710,761 1
39(26)American Gangster (US)$1,131,335969$131,649,93630
40(33)Quiet Chaos (It)$1,090,692280$7,130,7881
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady
Films Receiving scenesmoking.org's 'Black Lung' rating
Title (studio)RatingRating*
Atonement (Focus Features)R3
"The fact this film is a wartime period piece does
not atone for the large amount of tobacco use it
contains, which makes one believe smoking is a normal
thing to do in almost every circumstance."
The Aviator (Warner Bros)PG-132.71
"Although the director depicted the smoking of
real-life people, the tobacco use by extras in the movie
could've been thrown out."
Charlie Wilson's War (Universal Pictures)R3
"Charlie Wilson's war should have been against
tobacco use."
Definitely, Maybe (Universal Pictures)PG-132.71
"They should Definitely, not Maybe, quit smoking
in this film."
Hairspray (New Line)PG2.71
"Full of positive messages for youth - unfortunately,
it was also full of positive messages on tobacco!"
I Think I Love My Wife (Fox Searchlight)R3
"I think I hate all the tobacco in this movie."
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (New Line)PG-132.71
"Too bad Frodo didn't destroy all those pipes at
Mount Doom, along with the ring."
Mystic River (Warner Bros)R3
"Amazing acting, directing and screenplay, but why
is Sean Penn the only smokeless actor'"
There Will Be Blood (Paramount Vantage)R3
"There Will Be Blood and lung cancer if everyone keeps
smoking in this movie."
* The lower the Smoking Rating, the less smoking is portrayed in a film; at the high end, a 2.5 or more receives a 'Black Lung' designation. Source: Smoking info from SceneSmoking.org