Twentieth Century Fox's Valkyrie defended its place at the top of the international box-office chart for the second week of its international run, after expanding to a further 10 territories, including number-one debuts in Spain (grossing $3.2m from 397 screens), France ($1.6m from 300), Sweden ($449,000 from 70) and Belgium ($495,000 from 70).

Good hold-over business contributed to the $19.4m three-day gross, with the film holding second place in Germany, South Korea and the UK. Valkyrie has now taken $38.9m to date outside the US.

Warner Bros' The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button rose 10 places in the chart to finish behind Valkyrie, enjoying a 95% increase on weekend takings, helped by a $5.4m number-one launch in Germany. It also took the top spot in Austria, the Netherlands and in German-speaking Switzerland. The film played on 2,144 screens in 23 territories, for an average of $5,600 a screen.

The highest new entry for the January 30-February 1 weekend was the second part of Toho's Twentieth Century Boys trilogy. The first topped the Japanese box office for the August 29-31 weekend last year. Twentieth Century Boy: Chapter 2 opened 19% higher than its predecessor, grossing $6.9m from 374 screens, taking the top spot in the territory and earning the highest screen average of the week with $18,600 per screen.

Inkheart claimed the biggest week-on-week increase in takings with a 545% rise to $4.4m. The family adventure debuted in second place in Mexico (grossing $800,000 from 403) and fourth in South Korea ($1.3m from 298). UPI's Mamma Mia: The Movie refused to leave the international market quietly, re-entering the chart in the 30th week of release, reaching number 16 after a second-place debut in Japan, the last major territory it had yet to open. It took $3.9m from three territories, which brings its cumulative gross to a substantial $433m.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Valkyrie (US-Ger)$19,369,1824,298$38,883,52225
2(12)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (US)$12,013,2522,144$38,322,78323
3(7)Revolutionary Road (US)$10,912,5132,888$26,043,97840
4(3)Yes Man (US)$9,606,7833,217$99,040,94454
5(2)Seven Pounds (US)$8,029,8152,913$71,681,90232
6(5)Slumdog Millionaire (UK)$7,671,5121,275$42,464,30212
7(4)Twilight (US)$7,339,9662,593$170,017,78940
8NewTwentieth Century Boys: Chapter 2 (Jap)$6,943,576374$6,943,5761
9(8)Red Cliff Part II (Ch)$5,629,7761,638$53,818,8656
10(11)Bolt (US)$5,367,1472,628$99,732,81329
11(15)Bride Wars (US)$4,887,1691,845$24,160,93827
12NewLook For A Star (HK-Ch)$4,777,383337$8,524,0072
13(54)Inkheart (US-UK-Ger)$4,440,6091,948$23,691,18118
14(10)Australia (US-Aus)$4,428,1482,921$138,150,47820
15(9)Italians (It)$4,150,630609$12,830,9751
16*Mamma Mia! The Movie (US-UK)$3,946,025363$432,980,5273
17(13)Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (US)$3,511,9423,591$395,101,63236
18(35)All's Well, Ends Well (HK)$3,411,615335$8,443,4014
19(22)Silver Medalist (Ch)$3,145,300555$7,738,6001
20(14)Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (US)$3,110,830831$10,353,27630
21(16)Bedtime Stories (US)$2,854,9262,638$80,032,21730
22(18)Quantum Of Solace (UK-US)$2,698,535438$405,798,77215
23(20)Changeling (US)$2,414,2041,175$51,316,45341
24(31)Role Models (US)$2,328,168774$15,138,55812
25NewThe Wild Chicks And The Life (Ger)$2,228,171519$2,228,1713
27(68)Doubt (US)$2,128,263496$3,830,87514
28(21)Beverly Hills Chihuahua (US)$2,123,769960$34,738,3049
29(17)Transporter 3 (US-Fr)$2,071,4091,041$57,370,73914
30(6)The Very Best Film 2 (Rus)$2,061,6601,068$13,308,6434
31(43)Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf (Ch)$1,960,400335$7,274,5001
32(26)De l'Autre Cote Du Lit (Fr)$1,957,214614$14,128,8093
33(27)Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US)$1,661,431263$134,490,2942
34(32)Milk (US)$1,622,689556$5,613,53111
35(28)Hotel For Dogs (US)$1,595,094756$6,668,4748
36NewChe: Part 2 (US-Sp-Fr)$1,569,184565$1,569,1842
37NewEspion(s) (Fr)$1,552,477216$1,552,4771
38(40)Gran Torino (US)$1,416,496233$3,474,5552
39(33)My Bloody Valentine 3D (US)$1,400,125192$7,373,3513
40(29)Envoyes Tres Speciaux (Fr)$1,372,712512$3,941,1153
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady