Chinese heavy-hitter The Warlords was this weekend's highest non-US entry to the international chart, helping boost the top 40 revenue by 17.3% week-on-week.

The period epic, directed by Peter Ho-sun Chan (Perhaps Love, Three), opened at number five at the weekend with a $12.5m take, for a $14.4m total including previews. The film, starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, played across 1,269 screens in five territories for a $9,820 screen average. It opened at number one in Hong Kong, Singapore and China, where it became the biggest local opener of 2007. It is released through Media Asia.

Italian stallions

Italian cinema continues its lucrative spell - two new entries from the territory catapulted into the top 10, taking a collective $10.8m and representing 6.4% of the top 40 revenue. Fausto Brizzi's newest instalment of the Natale franchise, Natale In Crociera, was at number seven with a $6.2m take across two territories. The comedy, which reunites Brizzi with local favourite Christian De Sica, played across 584 screens and boasted the weekend's highest screen average at $10,640. It is distributed by FilmAuro.

Medusa Film's Una Moglie Bellissima was at number eight with a $4.6m take in its home territory. The romance, starring Leonardo Pieraccioni (Suddenly Paradise), played across 513 screens for a $9,020 screen average, the third highest of the weekend.

A plethora of French films graced the chart this weekend, including four new entries, of which The Fox And The Child was the highest. The family film, released through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (Wdsmpi), entered the top 15 with a $3.1m take in three territories. It has generated $3.4m, including previews, and played across 731 screens for a $4,264 screen average. It is directed by Luc Jacquet, whose 2005 release, March Of The Penguins, took nearly $50m internationally.

Roissy Films' L'Auberge Rouge dropped 45% in its second weekend to number 21. The comedy, directed by Gerard Krawczyk (Taxi 2, 3 and 4), grossed $1.7m from 907 screens for a $1,859 screen average. It has generated $5.3m to date.

Three additional French entries managed to squeeze into the international chart this weekend. Family adventure Big City opened at number 35 with a $766,469 take on 390 screens for a $1,965 screen average. It is directed by Djamel Bensalah (The Race) and released through Gaumont.

Pathe Distribution's The Secret Of The Grain entered at number 38 with a $728,137 take across just 98 screens for a sizable $7,430 screen average. And ARP Selection/France 3 Cinema's Si C'Etait Lui scraped into the chart with a $718,625 take from 129 screens.

Three Korean films collectively generated more than $5.4m last weekend, accounting for 3.2% of the total top 40 revenue. New entry Sex Is Zero 2, directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, came in at number 11 with a $3.4m take. The slapstick comedy, released through CJ Entertainment, has taken $4.4m to date in its home territory, including previews. It played on 427 screens for an $8,054 screen average.

A second Korean entry, Venus And Mars, enjoyed a $1.3m take at the weekend, putting it at number 26. The romantic comedy, directed by Han Ji-seung (A Day), played on 360 screens in South Korea and has a $1.8m tally, including previews. It is distributed by Cinema Service.

Holdover title Seven Days dropped 55% to number 36, taking $756,145 over the weekend. The crime story, which boasts a tally of almost $13.9m to date, is released by Prime Entertainment.

Turkish film Kabadayi entered the top 20 this weekend, with a $2.4m take from 345 screens. The action film, distributed by Fida Films, boasted a $6,935 screen average across five territories and is the third feature film from director Omer Vargi.

Japan in the limelight

And Japan continues to fight hard in the international arena - Tamagocchi Doki Doki! opened in the top 30, generating $1.1m from 283 screens in its home territory. The animation is distributed by Toho.

Meanwhile, three more releases from Toho remain in the top 40. A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies fell a modest 17% with a $2.1m take from 333 screens. The drama has a $6.6m tally after two weeks and has only been released in Japan. Sky Of Love fell 38% in its seventh week with a $775,899 take while Always: Sunset On Third Street 2 took $726,240. Both films have made more than $30m each.

Elsewhere in the chart, New Line's The Golden Compass stayed strong at number one in its second week with a near $30m weekend take, while DreamWorks' Bee Movie was up 92% after expanding in 22 territories.

The top 40 international films generated $169.7m from 43,384 screens for the period December 14-16.

Additional reporting by Silvia Wong

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)The Golden Compass (US-UK)$29,841,5326,235$91,515,57444
2(3)Bee Movie (US)$20,917,9104,623$58,804,12443
3(2)Enchanted (US)$16,313,6794,038$54,321,56529
4NewI Am Legend (US)$15,618,0181,543$19,490,7798
5NewThe Warlords (HK-Chi)$12,461,1211,269$14,412,9395
6(5)Hitman (UK-US-Fr)$6,954,9562,639$34,605,08244
7NewNatale in Crociera (It)$6,213,716584$6,213,7162
8NewUna Moglie Bellissima (It)$4,627,245513$4,627,2451
9(4)Beowulf (US)$4,295,2313,060$99,419,57458
10(40)Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (US)$3,917,4401,941$8,539,61315
11NewSex is Zero 2 (S Kor)$3,438,972427$4,440,4351
12(7)American Gangster (US)$3,326,1261,419$52,092,07220
13NewThe Fox And The Child (Fr)$3,117,278731$3,408,1953
14(13)1408 (US)$2,874,694752$48,194,83414
15(8)Fred Claus (US)$2,833,7281,450$17,991,73120
16(6)The Heartbreak Kid (US)$2,580,9051,532$83,602,13244
17(10)August Rush (US)$2,449,393719$12,790,3735
18NewKabadayi (Tur)$2,392,741345$2,392,7415
19(11)A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies (Jap)$2,078,889333$6,555,6551
20(24)We Own The Night (US)$1,820,059642$7,976,36210
21(9)L'Auberge Rouge (Fr)$1,686,455907$5,279,2294
22NewAlvin And The Chipmunks (US)$1,677,163295$1,677,16310
23(16)Warum Manner Nicht Zuhoren ... (Ger)$1,650,262396$6,661,1293
24(25)Elizabeth: The Golden Age (UK-US-Fr)$1,508,318831$36,038,44628
25(20)Lust, Caution (Chi-US-HK-Tai)$1,390,383507$47,122,06414
26NewVenus And Mars (S Kor)$1,304,506360$1,785,7371
27(49)In The Name Of The King ... (Can-Ger-US)$1,291,941744$3,453,9744
28(43)Eastern Promises (UK-Can-US)$1,118,715467$22,806,67116
29NewTamagocchi Doki Doki! (Jap)$1,107,976283$1,107,9761
30(41)Surf's Up (US)$1,100,5901045$86,528,05121
31(15)[Rec] (Sp)$948,561269$9,897,5261
32(12)Saw IV (US)$939,118601$52,594,85118
33(14)One Foundation (Chi)$802,334212$4,927,6511
34(28)Sky Of Love (Jap)$775,899281$30,105,6031
35NewBig City (Fr)$766,469390$766,4691
36(19)Seven Days (S Kor)$756,145232$13,857,8601
37(*)Dan In Real Life (US)$732,602213$774,7232
38NewThe Secret Of The Grain (Fr)$728,13798$728,1373
39(26)Always: Sunset On Third Street 2 (Jap)$726,240329$33,755,2601
40NewSi C'Etait Lui ... (Fr)$718,625129$718,6251
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady