US film-makers Dylan Avery and Korey Roweof Louder Than Words have released a new version of their film Loose Change, a documentary that alleges the US government lied about the events of 9/11, as Loose Change 2 following a surge of interest in the project afteran article in the August issue of Vanity Fair. The new version is comprised of75% new material.

Averyand Rowe are responding to studio interest in co-producing a third version ofthe film, Loose Change Final Edition, whichwould be released theatrically. The film-makers said they would aim to havethat version completed for a potential Sundance 2007 showing.

London-basedMercuryMedia has taken on all non-NorthAmerican activity for Loose Change Final Edition. A spokesman for MercuryMedia said that he expected a US theatrical run on 500screens, with a similar number across Europe.

MarketerPavel Mikoloski, who worked onWhat The Bleep Do We Know!', has come onboard.

TheVanity Fair article estimated thatthe original Loose Change film hadbeen viewed more than 10m times on the Internet.

Mercury,which previously concentrated on TV documentaries, noted that Resistance Filmsin France have taken the French DVD rights while Hana has taken TV rights in Korea. VOD and DVD rights in a number ofother territories are being negotiated.