Universal's thriller The Interpreter got off to a strong start through UIP atthe weekend, grossing an estimated $9.3m from 15 launches for a $10minternational running total including Greece, which opened last weekend.

Buoyed by a hectic publicity tour that took star Nicole Kidman toAustralia, UK and Germany, and director Sydney Pollack to all of the above aswell as France in the last week, the picture opened top in a number of keymarkets.

It debuted at number one in the UK on $3.3m in 367 venues, grossed$1.3m on 201 screens in Australia for a contested number one with BVI's ThePacifier, and opened topin Spain on $2.3m on 196.

Taiwan opened top on $552,000 on 52, The Netherlands opened top on$305,000 on 50, Norway followed suit on $160,000 on 34, and Portugal finishednumber one on $315,000 on 50. Greece stayed top in its second weekend on$317,000 on 51 for $1.1m.

The Interpreter opens in 16 markets next weekend including Germany, Brazil andMexico.

DreamWorks International's The Ring Two added $8.7m through UIP in 4,022 sites in51 markets for a $68.7m international running total.

Key results included a number one hold in its second weekend inItaly that added $1.5m on 253 for $5.1m, while the UK stands at $9.2m afterthree weekends, Germany is on $6.2m after three, Spain is on $6.1m after thesame amount of time, Mexico is on $7.7m after five, and Russia stands at aremarkable $3.3m after two.

Paramount's Sahara added $2.6m in 630 sites for a $7.8m running total, and isexpected to rank in third place in the UK on $5.3m including previews after twoweekends. Australia stands at $2.3m after two.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) family title The Pacifier grossed $7.5m for an $18m-plus runningtotal.

Highlights were a number one $2.3m debut in Germany, pushing BVI'slocal language co-production Barfuss into second place on $1.3m for $5.2m in its third weekend.

The Pacifier also opened top in Austria on $440,000, Hong Kong on $325,000, andMalaysia on $170,000.

It added $1.3m for $5.5m in its fourth weekend in Australia, whereit is contesting the number one spot with UIPs The Interpreter, and ranked second in Spain on $3.3mafter two weekends, and top in Belgium on $1m after two. Italy and Mexico opennext weekend.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie opened in France in $1.2m for an unspecified ranking. Thepicture grossed $2.1m for a $23.7m cumulative total.

Fox International's Robots grossed an estimated $6.8m on 5,319 screens at the weekend, raising the international cumulative total to $92.7m.

Be Cool grossed $5m on 2,197 screens for a $27.3m international cumulative total. The highlight was a number one debut in Brazil on $320,000 on 120.

In its first international forays day-and-date with the number oneNorth American release, The Amityville Horror grossed $3.5m on 526 screens in three markets, opening second in the UK on $2.5m on 346 screens, and fourth in Australia on $770,000 on 142 screens.

Flight Of ThePhoenix opened second inMexico on $329,000 on 150, and has taken $8.7m so far through all the markets where it has opened.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Constantine grossed $5.1m on 1,660 screens in 47 markets for a$129.3m international running total, powered by a number one $3.7m debut on 427 screens in Japan that the distributor said accounted for 40% market share of the top five.

The comedy sequel Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous added $5.2m on 3,055 screens in 45countries, for $39.3m, the highlight of the weekend being a number one $1.3mdebut in Mexico with 335,500 admissions on 405 screens.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) romantic comedy Hitchadded an estimated $5mon 3,050 screens in 60 markets for an international running total of $169.5m.

The picture ranks fourth in the UK in its seventh weekend on $31.5m,while Germany has produced $32.4m after the same amount of time and also ranksfourth. Australia stands at $10.9m and Spain is on $8.8m, both after sevenweekends.