Morgan Holt, from digital agency, Huge Entertainment, explains his role in shaping onedotzero's digital future.

How are you helping onedotzero'

We'rehelping onedotzero with a few things, mainly around the area of focus.Focus on the role that will be most effectively commercially. Focus onthe audience they can attract more of. Focus on the opportunities totake and the ones to leave behind.

What opportunities exist for onedotzero'

onedotzerohas expanded fast over the past 12 years and their sphere of influenceis widening. The opportunities available to them are significant andthe most difficult challenge is choosing which of those opportunitiesbest fits their business. To help them with this we are developing aset of strategic maps that allow them to understand the scope, range,and value of new business when it presents itself.

And because theyare both an exhibitor and a producer, they need to develop a contentstrategy that plays to all their strengths. This involves understandingall their audiences, what drives them, and how onedotzero can be a partof that.

Are they adapting well'

I've known Shane for some yearsnow and am always impressed at how effectively his team turns art intoa mainstream event. With their new hires (Karl Aussia and SophieWalter) I expect the company to scale up fast.