Albeit off thechart, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11became the first documentary to achieve $100m from international markets duringlast week. The film added $392,745 over the weekend with Japan and recentlaunch territory Hong Kong currently providing the highest numbers. The filmhas taken $100.8m and may get some boost still from next week's US Presidentialelection.

Despite seeing no new territory openings this week UIP's Shark Tale easily held the lead at theinternational box office for a third week. The distributor maintained a one-twodouble with Collateral holding insecond with number ones in New Zealand and Norway amongst this week's newopenings.

Fox's Alien VsPredator enjoyed impressive openings in the UK ($3.7m) and Russia ($2.1m)which shot the franchise face-off back into the chart in third with aweek-on-week jump of 1,220%.

Jumps were also seen for TheBourne Supremacy and I, Robot.Supremacy opened a handful of new European territories at the weekend ledby Germany where the action-thriller sold over 350,000 tickets in its firstfour days for a number one position in the territory. Similarly I, Robot's boost came from Europe with a$2m number one debut in Italy, it's final territory. The sci-fi film is nownearing $200m internationally.

Korean title S Diarieswas the highest new opener at nine, narrowly ahead of the first week on thechart for amnesia-conspiracy thriller TheForgotten which took the top spot in Spain.

The Forgotten'ssuccess kept local Spanish comedy CrimenFerpecto off the top of that country's chart in second place but the filmstill made the international table at 25.

UIP's Alfie, aJude Law starring remake of the British classic which starred Michael Caine,debuted with an opening in the UK and landed 12th on the international table.

Right behind it a wide opening in the UK, following a weekin Scotland only, along with launches in France and Brazil gave BVI's The Princess Diaries 2 a boost. Wong KarWai's 2046 followed buoyed byopenings in France, Japan and South Korea.

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The International table is compiled each week by Leonard Klady for Screen International