Smash hit French comedy-drama leaps 69% in its second weekend.

Following an impressive number two debut last week, Intouchables has enjoyed a 69% rise in the Netherlands for a $739,356 (€556,501) tally so far.

Distributed by Filmfreak Distribution, it’s now playing on 63 prints - up five from last week - and is third in the chart, behind The Hunger Games and Wrath Of The Titans, with a screen average of $6,426 (€4,838).

Bert Trentels, one of the owners of Filmfreak Distribution, commented: “These results even surpass our wildest expectations, seeing that initial belief in the film from bookers and attention from media was mediocre. So we are very proud on how we tackled these issues with an elaborate and extensive marketing strategy and strong belief in the potential of this feature.

“As most of the successful territories have released Intouchables in a localised version, these results are exceptional. To give you an idea: Amélie did 100,000 admissions after seven weeks in the Netherlands, Intouchables will be at approximately 90,000 admissions after two weeks.”