Director Clint Eastwood

Producers Clint Eastwood, Lori McCreary, Robert Lorenz, Mace Neufeld

Production companies Malpaso Productions, Revelations Entertainment, Mace Neufeld Productions, Spyglass Entertainment

USdistribution Warner Bros

International distribution Warner Bros Pictures International

US release date December 11

Worldwide gross $8.6m to December 13

Best picture chances

Eastwood, of course, is no stranger to the Oscars, although many were surprised to see his box-office hit Gran Torino snubbed last year. Still, Invictus bears the hallmarks of a winner with awards groups in all the major categories, not least because it touches on such a historic issue — the end of apartheid in South Africa — in the context of an exciting and entertaining sports film.

What Screen said

“An old-fashioned crowd-pleaser which is both a rousing sports movie and a testament to the nobility of Nelson Mandela, Invictus is another strong entry in Clint Eastwood’s fast-growing body of work… Invictus benefits from the Eastwood stamp, the clout of Warner Bros as a studio distributor and two big stars — Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon… If the film might appear self-important or didactic going in, that would be to underestimate Eastwood’s skill at using humour and humanity to take any hot air out of his own sails.”

Mike Goodridge