The Irish Film Board (IFB) has launched a freetest-screening programme in Ireland for the feature films it has co-financed.

Normally testing is organised by individual producers ordistributors on an ad hoc basis. The films being tested will be shown duringthe latest possible phase of post-production, currently at 100-seater screensat the UGC and Irish Film Institute cinemas in Dublin. At any one time thereare approximately four features supported by the Board in post-production.

Where necessary the IFB will cover the modest cost offlyers, equipment, venue hire and an independent facilitator, together withoffering filmmakers advice on the process and assisting with organisationallogistics. According to Moira Horgan, head of marketing at IFB, second andthird test screenings will also be possible. "Where the first testscreening results in significant adjustment to the film, a second testscreening may be possible. When the film is complete, a distributor/sales agentmay apply for a third test screening."