The Irish Film Board hasannounced ten successful applicants for its Multiple Project Development (MPD)funding, a multi-project development initiative drawn up in September.

Following on from the IFB'sCompany Development Initiative (CDI) which went through two three-year cycles,MPD funding provides support for producers who have an attractive slate ofprojects to develop. It is intended that the scheme will foster a sense ofpurpose combined with a sense of responsibility in producers.

A fixed sum of money isagreed with IFB at the outset from which the producer may draw down amounts asneeded in order to pay development costs directly attributable to projects onhis/her slate. It is a finite resource for the whole of a producer's MPD termand is not increased annually.

According to the IFB thesuccessful applicants "are a mix of producers covering a spectrum ofexperience, taste and ambition," all of whom have at least two viable andattractive feature film projects in development or available to them fordevelopment. They will have access to MPD support for a minimum of twoyears.

The IFB received 45applications and the following companies (and personnel) were selected:

Blinder Films (Katie Holly,Kieron J Walsh, Richie Smyth)
Cartoon Saloon (Paul Young, Ross Murray)
Element Films (Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe)
Grand Pictures (Michael Garland, Paul Donovan, Ailish McElmeel)
Newgrange Pictures (Jackie Larkin, Lesley McKimm, Paul Higgins)
Quidam Productions (Heidi Egger, Safinez Bousbia)
Samson Films (David Collins, Martina Niland, Neal Rowland)
Still Films (Nicky Gogan, Paul Rowley, Maya Derrington)
Treasure Entertainment (Robert Walpole, Paddy Breathnach, Paddy McDonald)
Zanzibar Films (Edwina Forkin)