Just what exactly links croissants and Iron Man 3?

Tuesday mornings usually involve Costa Coffee and a croissant.

This morning, however, was very different for Screen as Marvel Studios and Disney held an preview event for Iron Man 3 and its interactive experience Become Iron Man.

To mark the release of Iron Man 3 on April 25, Marvel (in assocation with leading 3D technology provider RealD) have created a unique experience for Iron Man fans, young and old, that will see them become Iron Man… just without the saving the world hassle that comes with it.

Using motion-sensor technology, Become Iron Man sees you greeted by Tony Stark’s trusty assistant Jarvis, before getting you to pull on and assemble the Mark XLII armour that is showcased in Iron Man 3 and test out its various functions.

The experience will be taken across the country, starting on March 29 and 30 at the Newcastle Metrocentre and interested pilots can register at www.BecomeIronMan.com

But all this exercise is far too much for Screen, especially on a Tuesday morning, so the plate of croissants was a welcome sight, as was the opportunity to see new footage from the upcoming threequel.

The impressive 20 minute sequence showcased The Mandarin’s assault on Stark’s Malibu home, as three helicopters lay waste to the foundations with Stark, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) inside. Eventually, following numerous explosions and a similar amount of quips before the attack, Stark finds himself miles away in a snowy landscape where, with the help of a savvy youngster, he sets about repairing his new suit.

For this writer - who may or may not have seen The Avengers four times in every possible format theatrically - the sequence just amped up the excitement for Iron Man 3, giving hope that Shane Black has steadied the ship following the slight misfire that was the sequel.

But if you can’t wait for April 25, Become Iron Man will prove a handy alternative for all things Iron Man.