Iron Sky to invade games consoles and PCs near you.

Ever wanted to be in Iron Sky? Now you might just get your chance. Kind of.

Following its Berlin premiere earlier this year, the film is swiftly on its way to becoming a cult classic and now award-winning game developer Reality Pump is set to release Iron Sky: Invasion on Nov 7.

An extension of the Iron Sky universe, the game will put players in the pilot seat as they defend a Nazi invasion from outer space. Reality Pump have worked closely with the filmmakers to ensure the visuals and story fit into the world created by the film, with the game also utilising the Grace2 engine allowing the game to be shown in stereoscopic 3D.

Director Timo Vuorensola, an avid gamer himself, commented: “I’ve always known that Iron Sky needed a proper video game around the franchise, one where the whole complexity of the world of Iron Sky could be examined. I’m happy to announce Reality Pump’s involvement, as the world of Iron Sky - one we’ve cherished and nurtured for years - is now in the capable hands of an experienced, quality-driven game studio.”

The game will arrive in stores on Nov 7 on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but if you want to help the development of an Iron Sky prequel and sequel, you can preorder it for a special price from their official website.

Let the Meteorblitzkrieg begin.