Feeling they did not get the credit they deserve for the recent forward leap of the Israeli films and their resounding worldwide success, the Israeli Producers Association is organizing a networking session to be attended by international experts, including producer-director Claude Lelouch, producers Cedomir Kolar, Paul Trijbits, and the BBC's international development director David Morgenstern.

Among the Israeli participants, industry veterans Marek Rozenbaum (Late Marriage), Assaf Amir (Broken Wings), Katriel Schori (head of the Israeli Film Fund) and Eilon Ratchkovski, whose The Band's Visit is Israel's top export for 2007.

The session will be held Dec 16, in a Herzliya hotel, near Tel Aviv, with the various panels put together for the occasion discussing such issues as 'What the hell is a producer'', 'The Independent Producer as Filmmaker and Diplomat', 'Independent Cinema Today' and more.

More information is available at www.kolnoan.co.il