GiovanniVeronesi's comedy-drama Manuale d'Amore powered its way onto theinternational chart last weekend thanks to a strong opening in Italy.

Thefilm, which tells four stories about different stages in relationships from afirst kiss to abandonment, took the country's lead spot with a superb $3.8m off482 screens - both a high figure and a high screen count. The launch propelledit into ninth place on the international chart.

ItItaly, Manuale d'Amore knocked Hitch from pole position afteronly one week and far surpassed rival Hollywood openers Lemony Snicket's ASeries Of Unfortunate Events and Hostage. FilmAuro distributes.

Despiteranking only sixth in Italy for Medusa, Hostage added six newterritories to its early stages of international roll-out this week and leaptup the international chart. Other key territories this week in Europe includedGermany and Switzerland. It is handled by Warner Bros and finished fourth inboth. The Bruce Willis thriller also enjoyed a good holdover in the UK where itslipped a mere 29% from its opening weekend despite warm weather resulting in agenerally soft weekend in the territory.

Hitch retained the international leadonce again and was nudging the $100m mark by the close of the weekend. It isjoined at the edge of the mark by Warner Bros' Constantine and TheAviator, all of which will pass it this week.

MeanwhileBVI's Nicolas Cage action adventure National Treasure launched in Japanat the end of its international run and stormed back into the chart at five,surpassing $150m in the process.

TheRing Two made adynamic debut on the international chart this week for UIP launching in 13territories and led by a $2.1m top spot in Mexico.

Fox's Robotsexpanded into 24 new territories laying claim to number one positions in the UK(thanks to extensive previews), Spain and Russia among its triumphs.

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The international table is compiled each week by LeonardKlady for Screen International.