The Italian 2010 box office rose 17% year-on-year with 2009, earning $948m (€734m) while local films alone banked $258m (€215m) of the total ticket sales.

Italian films have been booming in recent years and 2010 was an improvement on the trend. In terms of gross box office, 2010 saw an 5.89% uptick for local films, which earned an impressive $90m (€70 mil) more than in 2009, taking a 29.28% market share in respect to the 23.39% market share in 2009.

In terms of admissions, 35.1m tickets to local films were sold, amounting to 31.99% market share in 2010, up 7.63% in comparison to 2009’s 24.1m tickets sold (24.36%) for Italian films.

Total over-all admissions for 2010 registered at 109m – up 10m year on year with 2009, for an 11 % up-tick. 2009 wrapped with 99m over-all admissions.

Titles to top 2010 in the territory include Fox’s 3D phenomenon Avatar, which banked $84.5 mil (€65.6 mil) followed by Walt Disney’s 3D Alice in Wonderland, which also did well in 2D here, and which took in a total $39 mil (€30.3 mil).

The top Italian picture was Medusa’s Welcome to the Sticks remake, Welcome to the South (Benvenuti Al Sud) [pictured], which hauled $38.2 mil (€29.6 mil) and became the top-grossing locally produced film of all time.

In 2010 four Italian films and six Hollywood films divided the top ten spots.

Italian distributors Medusa, Eagle Pictures, Filmauro and 01 Distribution each distributed one top ten title. One US major – Warner Bros., made the top ten with an Italian production, Carlo Verdone’s Io, Loro E Lara, in addition to the latest from the Harry Potter franchise: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Italian independent Eagle Pictures made the top ten roster distributing the US-produced Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Hollywood continues to go strong in Italy, taking in 60.23% of over all box-office earnings for 56.99% of admissions. Those numbers slightly dropped from 2009’s 63.56% of box office share and 61.82% of admissions.

Italy Top Ten Films 2010

Avatar – 20th Century Fox – $ 84.7 m (€65.6 m)

Alice In Wonderland – Walt Disney –$ 39.2m (€30.39m)

Benvenuti al Sud – Medusa – $39.2m (€ 29.69 m)

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows– Warner Bros – ($17.5m) (€22.59m)

Shrek Forever After – Universal - $17m (€21.9m)

Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Eagle Pictures – $21.4m (€15.8 m)

Io, Loro E Lara – Warner Brother’s Italia $15.78m (€20.3)

Natale In Sud Africa – Filmauro – $18.2 (€14.1m)

Toy Story 3 Great Escape – Walt Disney – $17.5m (€13.6m)

Men vs Women (Maschi Contro Feminine) – 01 Distribution – $17.4m (€13.5m)

Source: Cinetel