Italian Multiplex Association ANEM has removed all copies of Miami Vice from Italian theatres in a row over DVD release windows.

The action follows complaints raised yesterday by the country's entertainment trade organisation Agis about the gap between the UIP film's theatrical and DVD releases.

President of ANEM Carlo Bernaschi told they sent a protest letter to UIP's chief in Italy, Richard Borg - responsible for Universal Pictures Home Video releases.

"We did this to give a sign that we won't accept a two-month window," said Bernaschi, who wants new contracts intend to specify a four-month window.

The film was scheduled to release to DVD in time for the Christmas market, meaning a window of less than three months. Another UIP film The Break Up on the same schedule is also causing concern.

Miami Vice has earned $4.2m (Euros 3.43m) in four weeks. The Break Up was released September 22nd with a total box office of $5.4m (Euro 4.2m) in six weeks.

Windows are already a contentious issue in Italy, a territory where exhibitors often lose the fight to be on the same release schedule as the other principal European territories - particularly where summer blockbusters are concerned.

Miami Vice released theatrically on October 6th, with Italy as the last territory in Europe to see the film.

This summer, Italy was the last territory to see Pirates of theCaribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Superman Returns - both were September releases -and the Italian summer box office virtually ground to a halt.

Last year, Anec, the Italian exhibitors association, demanded a fixed four-month window.