Italy has 16 regional film commissions, all battling to create their own film funds and bolster production in their regions.

The undisputed frontrunners are the Turin Piedmont film commission and the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia film commission, based in north-east Italy, both of which offer cash funds for approved projects.

The Turin commission has just launched a $32m (EUR23.5m) equity fund in partnership the US's Endgame Entertainment under the newly formed Piedmont Film Company.

Projects with budgets ranging from $5m-$25m (EUR3.7m-EUR18.4m) and that have 75% of their budget secured, will be selected by an international committee looking for commercial prospects. The first projects will be approved in the autumn.

Meanwhile, the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia film fund provides cash grants from $6,500-$130,000 (EUR4,800-EUR95,600) to EU and non-EU TV and film producers that shoot in the region, depending on the length of time spent there.

Inspired by this example, film commission national co-ordinator Jacques Lipkau Goyard is convinced other commissions will follow suit and believes Umbria, Sardinia and the Campagnia regions could soon offer incentives.

Despite Rome - where Doug Liman's Jumper recently shot - and the central Lazio region being home to 80% of the national and international TV and film productions, the Rome/Lazio film commission is in transition as it absorbs the Rome Cinema Film Commission. The new commission aims to join five central regions and the capital, and offer incentives such as the reimbursement of VAT tax to non-EU productions.