Rosanna Seregni, the independent Italian co-producer behind Vodka Lemon, has boarded a new French-Slovenian film that is being produced by No Man's Land's Dunja Klemenc and Cedomir Kolar.

Set in Sarajevo in 2001, the film, whose working title is Well Tempered Corpses, tells the story of four corpses who are brought to the city's morgue on the same day. Their deaths, however, are not a coincidence as it turns out that all four people are connected in some way.

The Euros 1.5m film will be directed by second-time Bosnian director Benjamin Filipovic and is due to start shooting at the end of March in Sarajevo. Post-production will take place in Italy.

Seregni's Rome-based company, Sintra Film, is a minority co-production partner on the project, which is expected to be released in Italy through Lady Film, the local distributor behind Vodka Lemon.

Well Tempered Corpses received financial support from Eurimages, and was produced by Klemenc's Studio Maj together with Kolar's Paris-based company. A.S.A.P, France's Cinemarc, Sarajevo's Flash, Ljubljana's Casablanca and Sintra.

Seregni's upcoming international production slate also includes Anastaszi, a gothic, psychological thriller co-produced with Spain's Mate Productions (L'Auberge Espagnole) and the UK's F&ME. Directed by Spain's Miguel Alcantud (Impulses), the Euros 5m film is about a famous musician who conducts a seminar in his retreat in the south of Italy for Europe's most talented musicians. The film, whose Greek title evokes the idea of bringing the dead back to life, is written by Fiorenzo Senese, together with Salvatore De Molo, and Martin Casariego, and will start shooting at the end of August 2004 in Puglia, Italy.

Seregni, who co-directs an annual film development workshop in Argentina, also recently co-produced Cuban director Joel Cano's 7 Dias Y 7 Noches, a film about the harsh reality of life for Cuban women.

Meanwhile, Sintra is also lining up an Italian film provisionally entitled Tartaruga Sul Dorso. A debut feature from Stefano Passetto, the Euros 1.5m picture will start shooting in Rome and Trieste in mid-April. Fabrizio Rongione (Rosetta) and Barbara Bobulova (Hotel) will star in the film, which will be distributed in Italy through Istituto Luce.