The Passion Of The Christ has grossed a massive $18,859,373 at the Italian box office, less than two weeks after its Easter release. Distributed by Eagle Pictures on 538 screens, Mel Gibson's picture shed 42% of its earnings on its second weekend, but still registered the weekend's highest per screen average, $7,409, and grossed a further $3,986,282, keeping it firmly at the top of the box office.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp vehicle Secret Window opened strongly at number two, grossing $1,545,182 from 245 screens for Columbia Tristar, for a high average of $6,307 per screen. But Twentieth Century Fox's Farrelly brothers comedy Stuck On You flopped, registering just $162,951 from 91 screens on its opening weekend, for a dismal screen average of $1,811.

The weekend's two Italian openers, thriller Il Siero Della Vanita and monster movie Evilenko languished in box-office limbo, respectively at number 9 and number 16.

Siero, a thriller-cum-TV satire which marks Alex Infascelli's follow-up to his successful debut, Almost Blue, grossed $257,915 from 103 screens for 01 Distribution for a screen average of $2,504.

Mikado Film's Evilenko, which sees Malcolm MacDowell star as the monster of Rostov, a Russian cannibal who killed over 50 children, opened on 49 screens, earning $87,760 for a screen average of just $1,791. Notably , however, Mikado saw its takings for Manoel De Oliveira's film A Talking Picture actually increase 50% four weeks after its release, bringing its total tally to $252,194.