Columbia Tristar's street dancing movie You Got Served opened at number three in Italy last weekend,grossing $226,32 from 99 screens.

The Chris Stokes film earned the box office's second highestscreen average, at $2,286, but still failed to dethrone either Eagle Pictures'sTimeline, which remained at number onewith a total gross of $1,512,661, or Nicole Kidman vehicle The Stepford Wives,which has earned $1,373,025 after two weeks for UIP.

Fledgling distributor Moviemax came in fourth with 1998movie Tale of the Mummy. Directed byRussell Mulcahy, the film was released on 119 screens and earned a total of$173,687.

The weekend's highest screen average was registered byMedusa's The In-Laws, which has been onrelease for 15 weeks. The Michael Douglas vehicle recorded an outstandingaverage of $4,047, following Medusa's decision to target its second run on just8 cinemas. To date, the film has grossed $1,229,537.