On a weekend which saw a huge seven films unleashed on theItalian market and a box office completely devoid of any homegrown films in thetop 20, Twentieth Century Fox's Alien VsPredator landed at number one, grossing $1,627,686.

Starring local screen idol Raoul Bova, AvP was released on 284 screens and earned an average of $5,731 perscreen.

Meanwhile, Exorcist:The Beginning, which shot in Rome, tumbled a huge 60% in its second week,but has now grossed $6,374,423 for Eagle Pictures.

Bad Santa came in 5th,grossing $623,393 from 123 screens for Sony Pictures Releasing International.Hot on its heels was Nexo's The Machinist,which earned $537,454.

Warner Bros's BeforeSunset entered the box office in a disappointing 13th position,grossing just $174,333 from 67 screens, for a screen average of $2,602.