Walter Salles' Cannes picture, The Motorcycle Diaries opened at number three at the Italian boxoffice, grossing just $658,450 for Valerio De Paolis's indie distributionoutfit Bim.

The Che Guevara film, which stars Gael Garcia Bernal, openedon 210 screens at the weekend, but posted a disappointing screen average of$3,133, despite its Cannes premiere and the buzz surrounding its Mexican star.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros Italia's Troy opened with a bang at number one on 704 screens. The Brad Pittvehicle grossed $5,679,412 for a high screen average of $8,067.

UIP's vampire drama VanHelsing dropped 56% on its second weekend, although the movie, which starsKate Beckinsale, has already grossed $7,820,528.

At the other end of the spectrum, Medusa Film's local picture,Il Servo Ungherese, about a World War II Nazi concentration campcommander who takes on a Jewish intellectual art-loving servant, flopped,grossing just $20,921 from 35 films for a dismal screen average of $598.