BVI's KillBill Vol. 2 knocked The Passion Of The Christ off the top spot atthe Italian box office last weekend. The Quentin Tarantino picture opened on331 screens, earning $1,811,276 for a solid if unspectacular average of $5,472per screen.

Eagle Pictures'Passion registered a further $1,346,435 from 485 screens on its thirdweekend - marking the first time the Mel Gibson film has dropped to secondplace - bringing its total earnings to date to a mind-blowing $21,442,742.

Meanwhile,Italian indie director Davide Ferrario's latest film, the critically acclaimed AfterMidnight, which stars Giorgio Pasotti (The Last Kiss) and tells thetale of a night watchman who guards Turin's Cinema Museum, opened at number 9on 66 screens, earning $138,850 for Medusa Film for a screen average of $2,104.

Italianromantic comedy Ogni Volta Che Te Ne Vai, produced and distributed byDomenico Procacci's Fandango, opened on a shy note, earning $91,264 from 68screens.

In themeantime, Don't Move, which will screen in Un Certain Regard at Cannes,registered an extra $221,435 on its seventh weekend on release, bringing itstotal gross to a huge $9,224,654.