Spider-Man 2remained firmly at the top of the Italian box office in its second week,further distancing its nearest competitors even though its earnings were down44% on its staggering opening.

Meanwhile, the weekend saw three new Italian films onrelease. Paolo Sorrentino's Cannes competition film The Consequences Of Love, opened on 75 screens, earning $232,142for Medusa.

But Susanna Tamaro's NelMio Amore, a drama based on her bestseller Rispondimi with Bread AndTulips actress Licia Maglietta, flopped, earning $127,190 from 119 screensfor Italian International Film (IIF).

Cult directors Daniele Cipri and Franco Maresco's Venicetitle, Come Inguaiammo Il Cinema Italiano,also opened disappointingly, earning just $20,869 for Lucky Red from 24screens.