(Verdecchi Film) Backing: Fondo di Garanzia. Word gets out in high-flying Romansociety that a well-known Italian singer-songwriter is to make his comeback -despite the fact that his death was officially announced in 1980. Prod:Alessandro Verdecchi. Dir: Ezio Alovisi. Scr: Ezio Alovisi.
Contact: Verdecchi Film, (39) 06 39 388 751.

(Tea Nova) Drama about an oppressive father and his repressed son who undertakea road trip across Europe together, to try to sort out their problems. Prod:Rean Mazzone. Dir: Rean Mazzone. Scr: Denis Jacobs. Main cast: Jean-Pierre Cassel, Philippe Volter, Stefania Sandrelli.
Contact: Tea Nova, (39) 06 625 9260

(Filmauro) Dist: Filmauro (It). Comedy set in medieval Florence. Prod: AurelioDe Laurentiis. Dir: Neri Parenti. Scr: Neri Parenti. Cast: Gerard Depardieu,Giorgio Panariello, Luca Zingaretti, Paolo Hendel.
Contact: Filmauro, (39) 06 69 95 81

(Poetiche Cinematografiche) Budget: $3m.Backer: Telepiu. Dist: Sharada (It). Inspired from a novel by Luca Fazzo andPiero Colaprico which traces 20 years in the life of a major southern Italianorganized crime family who live in Milan. Prod: Andrea de Liberato. Dir:Claudio Caligari. Scr: Claudio Caligari. Ed: Mauro Bonanni. Prod des: MartaMaffucci. Cost des: Angela Buscemi. Main cast: Fabrizio Gifuni, ValerioMastandrea, Toni Bertorelli, Claudia Coli, Marco Giallini.
Contact: Poetiche Cinematografiche, (39) 06 6880 9752

(Progetto Visivo) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. The love story between an Italiantextile businessman, who is married with children, who buys textiles inMorocco, and a young Moroccan worker. Prod: Roberto De Laurentiis. Dir: AntonioBaiocco. Scr: Franco Cardi, Antonio Baiocco. DoP; Ugo Menegatti. Set des:Franco Vanorio. Cos des: Luigi Bonanno. Main Cast: Franco Nero, Marta Bifano,Nourchene Cherif, Rachid Benhadi
Contact: Progetto Visivo, (39) 06 37 50 0694

(StudioCanal Urania) Int'l sales: StudioCanal. Adapted from Massimo Carlotto'seponymous novel, the film tells the story of Giorgio Pellegrini, a subversiveex-politician on the run, who discovers the pleasure of killing people toachieve his political goal. Prod: Conchita Airoldi. Dir: Michele Soavi. Scr:Michele Soavi, Lorenzo Favella.
Contact:StudioCanal Urania, (39) 06 32 65 12 78

(Cattleya) Adapted from the novel Perfect Skin by Nick Earls, about ayoung dermatologist who is widowed and left to cope alone with his smalldaughter. Prods: Giovanni Stabilini, Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz. Main Cast:Stefano Accorsi.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 367201

(Sintra Film, Mate Productions [Sp]) Co-prod: F&ME (UK). Budget: Euros 5m.Prod: Rosanna Seregni, Mate Cantero. Gothic, psychological thriller about a famous musician who conducts a seminar in hisretreat in the south of Italy for Europe's most talented musicians. Dir: MiguelAlcantud. Scr: Fiorenzo Senese, Salvatore De Molo, Martin Casariego. Startsshooting at the end of August 2004 in Puglia, Italy.
Contact, Sintra Film, (39) 06 44 51 256

(Pequod). Debut feature. A vampire story set in Budapest, in thenot-too-distant future. Prod: Rosario Rinaldo. Dir: Edo Tagliavini. Scr: Tagliavini.
Contact: Pequod, (39) 06 88 40 121

(Casablanca Entertainment) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: Sharada (It). Prod:Vincenzo Ferone. Drama about a 68-year-old noble Sicilian, who wants to commitsuicide. He turns towards an old friend, who decides to hire a hitman to shoothim when he least expects it. Dir: Arcangelo Bonaccorso. DoP: Ennio Guarnieri.Cast: Ben Gazzara, Elena Arvigo, Beatrice Palme, Luciano Scarpa, Ruben Rigillo.
Contact: (39) 06 33 36 670

(Dharma 3) A group of friends decides to live in the country, in a smallvillage where other young people have already moved to. Over a two day period,the two groups confront one another. Prod: Massimo Ciavarro. Dir: Andrea DeCarlo. Scr: Andrea De Carlo.
Contact: Dharma 3, (39) 06 32 36 421

(Pacific Pictures) Budget: $15m. Biopic of thetroubled but revolutionary Italian Renaissance artist. Prod: Mario Cotone.
Contact: Pacific Pictures, (39) 06 32 20200

(Francesca Neri) Prods: Francesca Neri, ClaudioAmendola. Adaptation of Italy's literary sensation of 2003, an erotic diarypenned by a 17-year-old Sicilian schoolgirl known as Melissa P.
Contact: Francesca Neri, Studio Legale G Cau, (39) 06 36 109 78

(Cattleya) Co-prod: Estudios Picasso (Sp), Flamenco Films (Sp). Prods: GiovanniStabilini, Marco Chimenz, Riccardo Tozzi. Remake of Antonio Del Real's 1998Spanish comedy about people partying in the 1980s. Set to shoot in summer 2004in Milan.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Dodici Dicembre) Backer: Rai Cinema. Prods: Giorgio Magliulo. Drama about ayoung South American man who works for a wealthy Italian family and falls inlove with the lady of the house. Dir: Maurizio Zaccaro. Scr: Sabrina Cusano.
Contact: Dodici Dicembre, (39) 06 47 826 313

(Orango Film, Axion Film [UK], Tarantula Film [Lux]) Drama set in Rome in the1970s. A young boy decides to create a gang to control Roman criminality. Prod:Alessandro Verdecchi. Dir: Ivan Carlei. Scr: Claudio Lizza, Ivan Carlei.
Contact: Orango Film, (39) 06 39 388 751

(R&C Produzioni) Drama about the contrast between poverty and wealth inNaples. Prod: Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli. Dir: Ferzan Ozpetek. Scr: Ferzan Ozpetek,Gianni Romoli.
Contact: R&C Produzioni, (39) 06 57 28 85 91

(Cattleya) Budget: Eur 10m. Backer: Rai Cinema (It). Prod: Riccardo Tozzi,Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini, Enzo Porcelli. Romantic drama freely adaptedfrom Ermanno Rea's novel La Dismissione, about the dismantlement of an ironplant in Italy that is sold to the Chinese government. Dir: Gianni Amelio. Dueto shoot near Shanghai and in Rome in September-October, 2004.
Contact, Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Bell Film) Prod: Pierfrancesco Campanella. Psychological thriller inspired bythe scandalous story of the Casati Stampa in the early 1970s. Dir:Pierfrancesco Campanella.
Contact: Bell Film, (39) 06 32 12299

(Eagle Pictures) Dist: Eagle Pictures (It). Int'l sales: Senator Int'l.English-language picture based on John Case's 1998 novel about a privateinvestigator whose family is persecuted by an extremist religious order aftervisiting an Italian fertility clinic. Prod: Ciro Dammicco. Scr: Ronald Shusett,Ian Rabin, Julian Mitchell.
Contact: Eagle Pictures, (39) 06 32 69 101

GIANCARLOSIANI (working title)
(Sorpasso Film) Backer: Rai Cinema. Drama inspired by the Siani affair, a youngjournalist who was killed in 1985 by the Neapolitan Mafia, the Camorra, forhaving written articles about the links between organized crime, politiciansand construction contracts. Prods: Maurizio Tedesco, Marco Risi. Dir: MarcoRisi. Scr: Marco Risi, Andrea Purgatori, Jim Carrington.
Contact: Sorpasso Film. (39) 06 8069 1059

GIOSUE'L'EBREO (working title)
(Arbash Coop) Co-prods: Poetiche Cinematografiche. Backer: Fondo di Garanzia.Historical drama about the period when a royal edict forced thousands ofpersecuted Jews to leave Spain. Prods: Leo Pescarolo, Andrea De Liberato,Pasquale Scimeca. Dir/scr: Pasquale Scimeca.
Contact: Arbash Coop, (39) 0918997036

(Poetiche Cinematografiche) Co-prod: Istituto Luce. Dist: Istituto Luce (It).Budget: $4m. Screwball comedy about a Manhattan lap dance club. Prod: Andrea DeLiberato. Dir: Abel Ferrara. Scr: Abel Ferrara. Cast: Harvey Keite, AsiaArgento, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova.
Contact: Poetiche Cinematografiche, (39) 06 6880 9752

(Medusa Film) Dist: Medusa Film (It). Drama focusingon a trip by Russian musician Igor Stravinsky and his wife to Naples in 1951.There, Stravinsky re-discovers the innovative music of Carlo de Gesualdo, aNeapolitan prince who was forced to flee his native city after killing hiswife, Maria d'Avalos, and her lover. Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci. Scr:Bernardo Bertolucci. Expected to shoot in Naples in 2004.
Contact: Medusa, (39) 06 66 3901

(I.T.C. Movie) Comedy about a happycouple's encounter with another man. Prod: Beppe Caschetto. Dir: Franco Angeli.Scr: Luca Bianchini, Marco Ponti, Lucia Moisio. DoP: Marcello Montarsi. Ed:Walter Fasano.
Contact: I.T.C. Movie, (39) 051 233 447

(StudioCanal Urania) Drama adapted from Hanif Kureishi's novel about a talented15-year-old guitarist whose parents have split up. Prod: Conchita Airoldi. Dir:Daniele Luchetti. Scr: Daniele Luchetti, Sandro Petraglia, Ivan Cotroneo.
Contact: Studiocanalurania, (39) 06 32 65 1278

ILGIOCATORE (working title)
(Rita Rusic Company) Drama. The story of an Italian-American gambler in the1980s who travelled regularly between Sicily and the US. Prod: Rita Rusic,Lierka Rusic. Dir: Roberta Torre. Scr: Torre, Massimo D'Anolfi.
Contact: Rita Rusic Company, (39) 06 36 00 4076

L'ISOLA(working title)
(Downtown Pictures) Backer: Rai Cinema (It). Budget: Euros 2-2.5m. Through aparallel structure, the picture will tell the story of a woman named Anna inthree periods of her life, at the age of 9, 27 and 84. Prod: Marco Mueller.Dir: Chiara Caselli. Scr: Caselli, Monica Zapelli, Jaco Van Dormael.
Contact: Downtown Pictures, (39) 051 52 06 29

(Dodici Dicembre) A young actor, who makes his living by delivering pizzas, hasa passionate 3-day love affair with a strange French girl. The girl returns toFrance and the actor finally finds a role as a protagonist in a film. Prod:Giorgio Magliulo. Dir: Roberto De Francesco. Scr: Matteo De Simone, Roberto DeFrancesco, Antonio Pascale.
Contact: Dodici Dicembre, (39) 06 47 82 6313

(Sciarlo, Medusa) Dist: Medusa (It). English-language picture about the Naziattack on Leningrad during World War II. Prod: Francesco Tornatore. Dir:Giuseppe Tornatore. Scr: Giuseppe Tornatore.
Contact: Sciarlo, (39) 06 39 72 35 66

(Cattleya) Backer: India culture ministry. English language drama about twoItalians in India who encounter a disillusioned French doctor. Prod: RiccardoTozzi, Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini. Dir: Francesca Archibugi. Scr:Doriana Leondeff. Due to start shooting in October in India and Rome.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 367201

(Cattleya) Budget: Eur 10m. English-language drama about the tumultuous lovelife between Clara Wieck and Robert Schumann. Prod: Riccardo Tozzi, MarcoChimenz, Giovanni Stabilini. Dir: Cristina Comencini. Scr: Frederic Raphael.Due to shoot in India and Rome.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Duea Film) Backer: Rai Cinema. Dist: 01 Distribution. Prod: Antonio Avati. Afilm about the forming of an Italian jazz group. Dir: Pupi Avati. Scr: PupiAvati. Cast: Vittoria Puccini, Claudio Santamaria, Paolo Briguglia.
Contact Duea Film, (39) 06 321 4851

(Movieweb) Co-prod: Studio Eight (UK), GFT Entertainment (Can). Int'l sales:Peace Arch Films (UK). Budget: Euros 23m. English-language period drama aboutShakespeare's alleged ghost writer. Prod: Massimo Pacilio, Gary Howsam, JamieBrown. Scr: Ron Base, Francois Tabarelli.
Contact: Movieweb, (39) 06 8091551

(Pacific Pictures) Co-prod: Titania (It). Backer: Rai Cinema (It). Budget: $25m. Prods: Mario Cotone, Ida De Benedetta. Drama about Matteo Ricci, a legendary 16th century ItalianJesuit missionary and scientist who lived in China during the late Mingdynasty.
Contact: Pacific Pictures, (39) 06 3220200

(Cinemart) Drama about a dying old man who decides to leave all his possessionsto his two grandchildren. Prod: Giuseppe Di Palma, Paolo Marcantonini. Dir:Marco Falaguasta. Scr: Marco Falaguasta. Cast: Franco Interlenghi, FrancescaRettondini, Valeria Fabrizi, Nathalie Caldonazzo.
Contact: Cinemart, (39) 06 68 32361

(Casablanca Entertainment) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Prod: Vincenzo Ferone.Drama set in the 14th century, about a noble woman who is unhappilymarried and has a young lover. Dir: Carlo Lizzani. Scr: Carlo Lizzani. DoP:Ennio Guarnieri. Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Raoul Bova.
Contact: Casablanca Entertainment, (39) 06 33 366 70

(Pequod, Kubla Khan) Drama based on the novel by Giuseppe Ferrandino, about ayoung man, Pericle, who has never known any life outside the Neapolitan Mafia.Prods: Umberto Massa, Rosario Rinaldo. Dir: Francesco Patierno. Scr: GiuseppeFerrandino, Patierno. Cast: Pietro Taricone, Ernesto Mahieux.
Contact: Pequod, (39) 06 88 40 121

(Istituto Luce, Offside) Prod: Bruno Pellegrini. Drama about an educated manwho lives with family in an Arab settlement, and refuses to give up his houseto the Israeli army. Dir: Saverio Costanzo. Scr: Saverio Costanzo, SayedQashua. DoP: Gigi Martinucci. Cast: Mohamed Bacri, Lior Miller, AreenMasharawi, Hend Ayoub, Tomer Ruso.
Contact Istituto Luce, (39) 06 72 9921

(Cecchi Gori Group) Dist: Cecchi Gori Group (It). Drama based on Italiansenator Lino Jannuzzi's novel reconstructing the legal trials and tribulationsof seven-time prime minister Giulio Andreotti. Prod: Vittorio Cecchi Gori. Dir:Pasquale Squitieri. Scr: Pasquale Squitieri, Lino Jannuzzi.
Contact: Cecchi Gori Group, (39) 06 32 4721

(Movie Factory) Drama about the life of Luigi Tenco, a famous Italian singerwho committed suicide during the 1967 Sanremo Festival. Prod: Francesco PaoloMontini. Dir: Gianpaolo Prigione. Scr: Gianpaolo Prigione, Marco Buttazzi.Cast: Claudio Santamaria.
Contact: Movie Factory, (39) 06 32 32 937

(Cattleya) Dist: 01 Distribution (It). Budget: Euros 7.5m. Prods: RiccardoTozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz.Drama adapted from Giancarlo DeCataldo's novel about a Roman gang of young criminals. Dir: Michele Placido.Scr: Stefano Rulli, Sandro Petraglia. Due to shoot in Rome in October 2004.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Movie Factory) Backer: Medusa Film (It).Dist: Medusa (It). Drama about Leo, a talented guitarist without much ambition,and his nemesis, Mauro, who end up sharing the same tragic destiny. Prod:Francesco P Montini. Dir: Laura Muscardin. Scr: Laura Muscardin, Massimo DePascale, Monica Rametta.
Contact: Movie Factory, (39) 06 32 32 937

(Movieweb) Co-prod: Studio Eight (UK), GFT Entertainment (Can). Int'l sales:Peace Arch Films (UK). Budget: $10m. English-language drama about a writer wholeaves the US, where he is a successful writer, to live in Tuscany with anItalian woman. Prod: Massimo Pacilio, Gary Howsam, Jamie Brown. Dir: BradMilman. Cast: Harvey Keitel, Giancarlo Giannini, Gerard Depardieu, ClaireForlani, Joshua Jackson.
Contact: Movieweb, (39) 06 8091551

(Imago Film, Movieweb). Co-prod: Salon Media Films (HK), Mandarin Films (Fr),CMW Film Company (Germ), Darnley House Productions (Australia). Dist: 01Distribution (It). Budget: $18m. Backer: Rai Cinema (It), Film FinancialServices (US). English-language fantasy tale loosely based on H.Rider Haggard'sadventure about an immortal woman who is inspired by immortal love. Prods: LeoPescarolo, Massimo Pacilio, Fred Wang. Dir: Mauro Borrelli. Scr: Fausto Brizzi,Marco Martani, Aldo Lado, Mauro Borrelli. Set to shoot for 12 weeks in HongKong, Shanghai, the Gobi Desert, and Cambridge, England.
Contact: Imago Film, (39) 06 58 330806

(Fandango, Sixteen Films [UK]) Prod: Domenico Procacci, Babak Karimi, Rebecca O'Brien. Drama that takes place on a train from an EasternEuropean country to Rome's Termini station, where the protagonists, who eachhave their own problems, anxieties and hopes, meet for the first time. Dirs:Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach. Scr: Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami,Ken Loach. Due to start shooting from May 31 in Austria.
Contact: Fandango, (39) 06 97 745001

(Cattleya) Budget: Euros 3.5m. Prod: Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini,Riccardo Tozzi. Romantic drama with erotic overtones set in Rome. Dir: RobertaTorre. Scr: Roberta Torre. Due to shoot in Rome in July 2004.
Contact Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Cattleya) Prods: Marco Chimenz, Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini WW2 dramaabout the life of Amedeo Guillet, an Italian Lawrence of Arabia. Dir: EdoardoWinspeare. Scr: Edoardo Winspeare.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Cattleya) Prods: Marco Chimenz, Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini. Romanticdrama. Dir: Maria Sole Tognazzi. Scr: Maria Sole Tognazzi. Set to shoot inOctober 2004.
Contact Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Fandango) Prod: Domenico Procacci. Drama about an 18-year-old girl and hervoyage of self-discovery. Dir: Gabriele Muccino. Scr: Gabriele Muccino, SilvioMuccino, Elena Majoni.
Contact: Fandango, (39) 06 97 745001

(Cattleya) Prod: Marco Chimenz, Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini. Comedybased on Melania Mazzuocco's book, Vita. Dir: Paolo Virzi. Scr: Paolo Virzi.Due to shoot early 2005.
Contact, Cattleya: (39) 06 36 7201.


(R&C Produzioni) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about a man, Giacomo anda girl, Francesca, who is in love with him. Prods: Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli.Dir: Alessandro Tofanelli, Scr: Alessandro Tofanelli. Cast: Maya Sansa, ValeriaCavalli, Andrea Di Stefano, Cesare Bocci. Ed: Gian Vittorio Baldi.
Contact: R&C Produzioni, (39) 06 57 288 591

(Rodeo Drive) Backer: Rai Cinema (It). Dist: 01 Distribution (It). Prods: MarcoPoccioni, Marco Valsania. Romantic drama. Dir: Alessandro D'Alatri. Scr:Alessandro D'Alatri, Gennaro Nunziante, Domenico Starnone. DoP: ItaloPetriccione. Ed: Osvaldo Bargero. Cast: Fabio Volo, Valeria Solarino, CochiPonzoni, Gisella Burinato, Marco Baliani.
Contact: Rodeo Drive, (39) 06 42014715

(Eagle Pictures) Co-prod: Tandem Communciations (Ger), UK20 (UK),Illusions/Telefilm (Can). Budget: $30m. Dist: Eagle Pictures (It), MorganCreek/Warner Bros (US). Int'l sales: Senator Int'l. English-language picturebased on Robert Mawson's bestseller, focusing on agirl who falls into a coma after being hit by a bus. Her only hope for recoveryhinges on an eccentric researcher, who manages to propel the girl's 12-year-oldbrother into her mind in the hope of luring her back to consciousness. Prods:Ciro Dammicco, Ron Bass, Bruce Harvey. Dir: Graham Theakston. Scr: Ron Bass.Cast: Andy Garcia, Angela Bassett. Shooting in London and Alberta, Canada.
Contact: Eagle Pictures, (39) 06 32 69 101

(Sintra Film) Budget: Euros 1.5m. Dist: Istituto Luce (It). Prod: RosannaSeregni. Drama. Dir: Stefano Passetto. Cast: Fabrizio Rongione, BarbaraBobulova.
Contact Sintra Film, (39) 06 44 51256

(Bianca Film) Co-prod: Pyramide (Fr). Backer: Medusa Film (It). Prod: DonatellaBotti. Love story set in Tuscany in the 1930s between a bank employee and aworking-class girl who works as a manicurist in Livorno. Based on CarloCassola's novel, Una Relazione. Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Maya Sansa.
Contact: Bianca Film, (39) 06 32 96791

(Studio Maj [Slov], A.S.A.P [Fr], Cinemarc [Fr) Flash[Sarajevo], Casablanca [Ljubljana]) Co-prod: Sintra Film. Prod: Dunja Klemenc,Cedomir Kolar, Rosanna Seregni. Budget: Euros 1.5m. Dist: Lady Film (It). Setin Sarajevo in 2001, the film tells the story of four corpses who are brought tothe city's morgue on the same day. Their deaths, however, are not a coincidenceas it turns out that all four people are connected in some way. Dir: BenjaminFilipovic. Shooting from end of March 2004 in Sarajevo.
Contact: Sintra Film, (39) 06 44 51256


(Cinemart) Backers: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: IstitutoLuce. Drama set in 1943 tracing the making of Redemption, a film financed bythe Vatican. Prod: Giuseppe Di Palma. Dir: Maurizio Ponzi. Scr: Ponzi, StefanoTummolini, Pietro Spila.DoP: Luigi Verga. Prod des: Franco Ceraolo. Cast:Giuliana De Sio, Toni Bertorelli, Giulio Scarpati, Filippo Nigro.
Contact: Cinemart, (39) 06 68 32 361

(Tangram Film) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about a woman who has recentlyseparated from her husband, and realizes that she can be happy on her own.Prod: Matteo Levi, Roberto Levi. Dir: Renato De Maria. Scr: De Maria, FrancescoPiccolo. Cast: Isabella Ferrari.
Contact: Tangram Film, (39) 06 58 06 965

(Factory) Co-prod: Sunday Film International. Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist:Revolver (It). The life of Tommaso Aniello d'Amalfi, aka Masaniello, aNeapolitan fishmonger who started the rebellion against the Duke of D'Arcos inJuly 1647. Prod: Amedeo Letizia, Mariella Li Sacchi. Dir: Angelo Antonucci.Scr: Angelo Antonucci. Cast: Sergio Assisi, Anna Ammirati, Anna Galiena, NicolaDi Pinto, Gabriele Lavia.
Contact: Factory, (39) 06 58 332895

(Duea Film, Erreti Film) Prods: Antonio Avati, Rosanna Thau. Drama about atroubled 30-year-old priest who moves to a new parish and takes over hismurdered predecessor's investigations into the mysterious death of a child.Dir: Mariantonia Avati. Scr: Mariantonia Avati. DoP: Cesare Bastelli. Prod des:Biago Fersini. Ed: Jenny Loutfy. Cast: Lorenzo Balducci, Patrizio La Bella,Alessia Goria.
Contact: Duea Film, (39) 06 32 14851

(Indigo Film) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia.Drama/thriller. At 35, Paolo is a sports journalist who has had a successfulfencing career. Suddenly, a friend of his, also a sportsman, inexplicably diesof a heart attack and Paolo uncovers some dark truths. Prod: Francesca Cima,Nicola Giuliano. Dir: Roberto Dordit. Scr: Roberto Dordit, Serena Brugnolo.DoP: Tommaso Borgstrom. Prod des: Beatrice Scarpato. Music: Giuliano Taviani.Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Elia de Capitani, Fabrizia Sacchi, Michela Noonan,Diego Ribon.
Contact: Indigo Film, (39) 06 77 25 055

(Verdecchi Film, Partysans Film [Maced]) Black comedy set in Macedonia in 2001.The film focuses on one man's attempt to bring his step-mother's body fromBulgaria to Macedonia amidst absurd burocracy. Prods: Alessandro Verdecchi,Darko Mitrevski, Loris Curci. Dir: Darko Mitrevski. Scr: Mitrevski. Cast: LazarRistovski.
Contact: Verdecchi Film. (39) 06 39 388 751

(Vaca Movie) Drama set in the north of Italy just before World War I. Dirs:Luisa Pretolani, Massimiliano Valli. DoP: Claudio Fontanel. Cast: UmbertoGiovannini, Elena Bucci, Ivano Marescotti, Maria Costantini, Angela Gorini.

(Movie Factory) Prod: Francesco Paolo Montini. Drama about three friends whoplay music in unpleasant nightspots. Dir: Ivan Polidoro. Scr: Ivano Polidro.
Contact: (39) 06 3232937

(Mediterranea Film) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia.Dist: Lantia (It). A film about dance and Moulin Rouge-style cabaret. Prod:Nico Cirasola. Dir: Nico Cirasola. Scr: Nico Cirasola. DoP: Fabio deFranceschi. Main cast: Dino Abbrescia, Toto Onnis, Laura Marinelli, SusannaCapusso, Sabrina Colle.
Contact: Mediterranea Film, (39) 080 56 18 382

(La Perla Nera) A beautiful 18-year-old is kidnapped and forced to work inporn. Her mother hires a private detective to find her. Prod: GiovanniPaolucci. Dir: Bruno Mattei. Scr: Bruno Mattei. DoP: Gigi Ciccarese. Set des:Alterio Angela. Cos des: Tanzilli Natascia. Main cast: Carla Solaro, CarloMucari, Gabriele Gori.
Contact: La Perla Nera, (39) 06 74 80 630

(Pequod) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: Istituto Luce (It). Drama based on abook by Diego De Silva, about a young boy who lives with his sick grandmotherand hangs out with other kids in the rough streets. Prod: Rosario Rinaldo. Dir:Andrea and Antonio Frazzi. Scr: Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi, Marcello Fois.
Contact: Pequod, (39) 06 88 40 121

(I.P.E.) Dist: Pasquino Distribuzione Stazione Marittima (It). Drama. The storyof Italian Radio Radicale journalist Antonio Russo, who was killed in Chechnyain 2000. Prod: Caterina Nardi, Leonardo Giuliano. Dir: Leonardo Giuliano. Scr:Aurelio Grimaldi. DoP: Giulio Pietromarchi. Ed: Giuseppe Pagano. Cos des:Claudia Vaccaro. Main cast: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Bruno Armando.
Contact: I.P.E., (39) 06 68 19 3115

(Saleo Produzioni) Drama set in 1944. Samuele, a Jewish violin teacher and hissister find shelter with a group of northern Italian peasants. However, theyare caught by the Nazis and find themselves trying to save each other as wellas the peasants who helped them. Prod: Giorgio Leopardi. Dir: Luca Mazzieri. Scr:Luca Mazzieri. Cast: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Anita Caprioli, Fabrizia Sacchi,Giuseppe Cederna.

(Jean Vigo' Italia) Drama about the 1993 murder of Don Puglisi, a Sicilianpriest who fought the Mafia. Prod: Elda Ferri. Dir: Roberto Faenza. Scr:Roberto Faenza. Cast: Luca Zingaretti, Corrado Fortuna, Alessia Goria.
Contact: Jean Vigo Italia, (39) 06 67 80003.

(Metropolis Film) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia Dist: Columbia Tristar Italia (It). Atthe height of Italian fascism in the early 1940s, a fashionable film directorworking at Cinecitta decides to secretely shoot a film in colour, usingAmerican equipment. Prod: Enzo Gallo. Dir: Barbara Barni. Scr: Barbara Barni.DoP: Ennio Guarnieri. Prod des: Marco Dentici. Cost des: Enrica Barbano. Maincast: Nancy Brilli, Tosca D'Aquino, Augusto Zucchi, Franco Diogene.
Contact: Metropolis Film, (39) 06 88 44 629

(Blu Cinematografica) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: Istituto Luce (It).Prod: Massimo Ferrero. Thriller. Dir: Claudio Fragasso. Scr: Claudio Fragasso,Rossella Drudi. Cast: Francesco Nuti, Alessandro Benvenuti, Massimo Bonetti,Antonella Ponziani, Luca Lionello.
Contact: Blu Cinematografica, (39) 06 32 16 441

(Emmegi Communication) Drama set in Moscow in 1991, just after the botchedAugust coup and Gobarchev's resignation. In the midst of severe economichardship, a man arrives in Russia to sell meat. Prod: Giovanni Marcari. Dir:Salvatore Mereu. Scr: Salvatore Mereu, Oscar De Gennaro.
Contact: Emmegi, (39) 06 33 28 018

CORONAVALT (Working Title)
(Poetiche Cinematografiche) Co-prod: RAI Cinema Dist: Lion Pictures. Budget:$3m. Thriller set in the 1940s. Prod: Andrea De Liberato. Dir: Lucio Gaudino.Scr: Brenta, Angelo Pasquini. DoP: Vincenzo Marano. Prod man: Bruno Tribbioli.Cast: Non-professional actors.
Contact: Poetiche Cinematografiche, (39) 06 6880 9752.

(Viva Cinematografica) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Int'l sales: Filmexport (It).Drama set at the end of the 1950s, about two sisters who own a bordello. Prod:Laura Noia. Dir: Fabio Bonzi. Scr: Fabio Bonzi. Cast: Sonia Aquino, Guja Jelo,Marco Bonini, Federica Lenzi, Marilyn Gallo.
Contact: Filmexport, (39) 06 52 207 432

(Italgest Video, IPE) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama set in the king's palaceat the beginning of the 16th century in Ferrara, northern Italy.Prods: Renata Ranieri, Ugo Tucci. Dir: Florestano Vancini. Scr: Vancini,Massimo Felisatti. DoP: Maurizio Calvesi. Ed: Enzo Meniconi. Prod des: GiantitoBurchiellaro. Cos: Lia Francesca Morandini. Music: Ennio Morricone. Cast:Manlio Dovi, Sabrina Colle, Ruben Rigillo, Marianna De Micheli, Giorgio Lupano.
Contact: Italgest Video, (39) 06 68 76 626

(Filmauro) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: Filmauro (It). Thriller. Shortlybefore travelling to New York with his wife, a man agrees to give a friend hishouse keys and let him meet a woman in his house. Prod: Aurelio De Laurentiis.Dir: Franco Bertini. Scr: Franco Bertini. DoP: Daniele Poli. Ed: Fulvio Molena.Set des: Francesco Priori. Cos des: Francesco Priori. Mus: Marco Manusso. Maincast: Flavio Insinna, Luciano Scarpa, Georgia Lepore, Elena Russo, RolandoRavello.
Contact: Filmauro, (39) 06 69 9581

(Film Daedalus) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: Istituto Luce (It). Dramaabout a 30-year-old woman who wants to commit suicide because she is in lovewith her husband as well as another woman. Prod: Alessandro Colizzi, SilviaCossu. Dir: Alessandro Colizzi. Scr: Alessandro Colizzi, Silvia Cossu. Cast:Agnese Nano, Christopher Buchholz, Jacqueline Lustig, Karin Giegerich.
Contact: Film Daedalus, (39) 06 337 10157

(Axelotil) Co-prod: Mariposa Film. Drama surrounding the daily lives of fouryoung students. Prod: Gianluca Arcopinto. Dir: Stefano Chiantini. Scr: StefanoChiantini. Cast: Luciano Federico, Cristiana Capodondi, Alessandro Tiberi,Nicola Siri.
Contact: Axelotil, (39) 06 57 45004

(Lantia Film) Co-prod: Istituto Luce. Italian culture from the 1930s to the1960s narrated by veteran Italian director Citto Maselli and his guests, theprotagonists. Prod: Beppe Atene. Dir: Citto Maselli.
Contact: Lantia, (39) 06 37 51 2743

(Quality Sound) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about a young Neapolitanworkman who gets involved in crime to help his father who is sick. Dir: NiniGrassia. Scr: Grassia. DoP: Giancarlo Ferrando. Prod des: Alessandra Cadoppi.Cos: Patrizio Di Bernardi. Cast: Antonio Capuano, Barbara Chiappini, Nicola DiPinto.
Contact: Quality Sound, (39) 081 81 95 270

(Heller Produzioni Televisive e Cinematografiche) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia.Drama set in a small town on the outskirts of Naples, in 1962. A shepherd setsoff on the trail of an unscrupulous businessman. Prod: Giorgio Heller. Dir:Luciano Odorisio. Scr: Luciano Odorisio, Angelo Cannavacciuolo. DoP: RomanoAlbani. Ed: Domenico Varone. Set des: Emilio Baldelli. Cos des: AlfonsinaLettier. Main cast: Anna Galiena, Alessandro Gassman, Claudia Gerini, LeoGullotta, Franco Nero.
Contact: Heller Produzioni, (39) 06 36 38 1924

(A.L.B.A. Produzioni) Co-prod: Xi'an Film Studio (Chi). Prods: Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani, SandroFrezza, Sergio Bernardi. Dir: Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani. Scr: Orgnani,Lorenzo Favella. DoP: Ugo Menegatti. DoP: Carlo Balestrieri. Prod des: GiadaCalabria. Cos: Alessandro Consiglio. Music: Pierangelo Fornaro, CorradoCarosio. Main cast: Francesco Castellano, Antonio Iuorio, Francesco Carnelutti,Federico Pacifici.
Contact: A.L.B.A, (39) 06 52 98 244

(Imago Film, Movieweb) Co-prod: Moneyflies Entertainment (Can), Studio 8 (UK).Budget: $6m. Backer: Rai Cinema. Dist: 01 Distribution (It). English-languageadventure picture which follows two Italians who end up in LA. Based on Moschea Hollywood, a novel by Alessandro Fabbri. Prod: Leo Pescarolo, MassimoPacilio, Pieter Kroonenburg, Gary Howsam. Dir: Fabio Segatori. Scr: GinoVentriglia, Chiara Laudani, Roberto Scarpetti, Alessandro Fabbri, FabioSegatori, Aldo Lado, Allan Moyle.
Contact: Imago Films, (39) 06 58 330806

(Orisa Produzioni, Axelotil) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. An Eastern Europeanfather who has emigrated to Italy tries to earn a living and support his15-year-old son by getting involved in the Albanian Mafia. One day, however,his son rebels. Prod: Cristiano Bortone, Daniele Mazzocca, Gianluca Arcopinto.Dir: Francesco Munzi. Scr: Francesco Munzi, Serena Brugnolo, Dino Gentili.
Contact: Orisa, (39) 06 39 75 0996

(Polyvideo Produzioni) Int'l sales: Gruppo Minerva International. A beautifulRussian girl gets involved in an Eastern European prostitution ring in Italy.Dir: David Bracci. Scr: David Bracci. Cast: Yuliana Ieregun, Aurelio Levante,Danilo Verde, Linda Di Pietro.
Contact: Gruppo Minerva International, (39) 06 85 43 841

(Blue Film) Drama about a 45-year-old architect who is no longer satisfied withhis life or his 20-year-old marriage. He meets a prostitute, realizes he stillloves his family but ends up losing everything. Prods: Bruno Tribbioli,Alessandro Bonifazi. Dir: Gianfranco Pannone. Scr: Gianfranco Pannone. Cast:Gianna Breil, Cesare Bocci, Francesca Giordani, Francesca Cuttica.
Contact: Blue Film, (39) 06 32 15 486

(Crayons) Animation feature about the love story between a strong, agressivewoman and a play-boy who wants to marry a rich woman so that he can pay off hisgambling debts. Prod: Roberto Lione. Dir: Roberto Lione. Scr: Roberto Lione.
Contact: Crayons, (39) 0744 978714.

(Jean Vigo Italia) Co-prods: Alia Film,Pandorafilmverleih (Germ), Arena Films (Fr), Lakeshore Entertainment (US).Budget: $4.9m (Euros 5m). Backer: Rai Cinema. Int'l sales: Lakeshore. Familydrama adapted from Giuseppe Pontiggia's novel Born Twice. Exec prod: EldaFerri. Co-prods: Tom Rosenberg, Karl 'Baumi' Baumgartner, Bruno Peseri. Dir:Gianni Amelio. Scr: Amelio. Main cast: Charlotte Rampling, Kim Rossi Stuart.
Contact: Jean Vigo Italia, (39) 06 67 80003

(Fandango) Prod: Domenico Procacci. Backer: Medusa.Inspired from a documentary by Chiesa, Lavorare con Lentezza is set in thenorthern Italian town of Bologna in 1976 and focuses on Radio Alice, theturbulent period's legendary radio station which represented, and was run by,the local student movement. Cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Claudia Pandolfi.
Contact: Fandango, (39) 06 97 745001

(Nuvola Film) Co-prod: Axelotil. Drama about a young boy from a well-to-dofamily. Every year, the family spends the summer in a country house. Prod:Antonio Ciano. Dir: Pietro Reggiani. Scr: Pietro Reggiani. DoP: Luca Coassin,Werther Germondari. Ed: Luca Benedetti. Cast: Pietro Botnempo, Maria Paiato,Davide Veronese, Tommaso Ferro, Beatrice Panizzolo.
Contact: Nuvola Film, (39) 06 42 90 5173

(A.S.P) Co-prod: Metafilm. Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Docu-drama about thevoyage of a Senegalese immigrant across Italy. Prod: Donatella Palermo. Dir:Vittorio de Seta. Scr: Vittorio de Seta. Cast: Marco Baliani, Claudia Muzzi.
Contact, A.S.P. (39) 06 32 11 799

(Emme Produzioni (It). Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Genre/synposis: A woman namedLuna writes to four school friends who, on their last day of school, hadpromised to meet up again twenty years later. Prod: Marco Quintili, MarisaGrieco. Dir: Elisabetta Villaggio. Scr: Elisabetta Villaggio. Main Cast: AgneseNano, Lorenza Indovina, Antonella Ponziani, Elda Alvigini, Paolo Villaggio.
Contact: Emme, (39) 011 436 2609

(Surf Film) Co-prod: Jinko-Communications, Filmax (Sp), Duque Film (Sp). Int'lsales: Surf Film. Drama set in the north of Italy in 2003. A charismatic19-year-old gang leader who leaves his pregnat girlfriend despite still lovingher. Prod: Massimo Vigliar, Davide Mancori. Dir: Mariano Equizzi. Scr: AndreaMateria. Cast: Robert Purvis, Milena Mancini, Alla Bulankina, Raquel Merono,Yoon C. Joyce.
Contact, Surf Film: (39) 06 52 62101

(E.T. Fiction Group). Co-prod: Silva Film. Backer: Rai Cinema, Fondo diGaranzia. Drama about an Italian colonel found dead on a beach inex-Yugoslavia, lying next to Mathilde, a 15-year-old girl. Prods: RoccoCesareo, Rosaria Cutuli. Dir: Nina Mimica. Scr: Nina Mimica. Cast: JeremyIrons, Clarita Ziniti Gatto, Cecilia Roth.
Contact: E.T.Fiction Group, (39) 06 32 22 791

(Sorpasso Film) Int'l sales: Intramovies (It). Drama about the daily lives offour young people in Palermo who are surrounded by hardship and crime Prods:Maurizio Tedesco, Marco Risi. Dir: Giuseppe Cino. Scr: Giuseppe Cino. DoP:Adolfo Bartoli. Ed: Mauro Bonanni. Cast: Tony Sperandeo, Vincent Schiavelli,Luigi Maria Burruano, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.
Contact: Intramovies, (39) 06 8076157

(N.C. Produzioni) Co-prod: Filand. Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about auniversity student and a graduate who works as a mechanic. Prods: FilippoAscione, Nicola Conticello. Dir: Daniele Malavolta. Scr: Daniele Malavolta.Cast: Isabella Borromeo, Wilson Saba, Patrizia Pezza, Paolo Bonanni,, IvanBacchi.
Contact: N.C. Produzioni, (39) 095 313646

(Istituto Luce, Philippe Martinez Productions [Fr], Buskin Film) Drama aboutthe 20th century Italian artist and his rivalry with Picasso. Prods:Philippe Martinez, Roberto Bessi, Andre Djaoui. Dir: Mick Davis. Cast: AndyGarcia, Eva Herzigova.
Contact: Istituto Luce, (39) 06 729921

(Poetiche Cinematografiche) Backer: State of Morocco. Dist: SharadaDistribuzione. Prods: Leo Pescarolo, Andrea De Liberato. Dir: Souheil BenBarka. Cast: Violante Placido, Max Von Sydow.
Contact: Poetiche Cinematografiche, (39) 06 6880 9752

(Axelotil) Drama set in 2003 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, focusing on bikers who risktheir lives to carry parcels across town. Prods: Gianluca Arcopinto, ElisabettaPandimilio, Cesar Augusto Meneghetti. Dir: Elisabetta Pandimilio, Cesar AugustoMeneghetti. Scr: Elisabetta Pandimilio, Cesar Augusto Meneghetti. DoP:Elisabetta Pandimilio, Cesar Augusto Meneghetti. Ed: Elisabetta Pandimilio,Cesar Augusto Meneghetti.
Contact, Axelotil, (39) 06 57 45 004

(Axelotil) Black comedy/road movie with six intertwining stories that allhappen during one night. Prod: Gianluca Arcopinto. Dir: Serafino Murri, ClaudioFausti. Scr: Serafino Murri, Claudio Fausti. Cast: Cecilia Dazzi, FabrizioGifuni, Gabriele Parrillo, Francesco Pini, Paolo Zuccari.
Contact: Axelotil, (39) 06 57 45 004.

(I.I.F. - Italian International Film) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: IIF(It). Drama based on Susanna Tamaro's novel 'Rispondimi' about thelove life of a couple which becomes nightmarish after their marriage and birthof their first child. Prod: Fulvio Lucisano. Dir: Susanna Tamaro. Scr: SusannaTamaro, Roberta Mazzone. Cast: Licia Maglietta, Urbano Barberini, AlessiaFugardi.
Contact: I.I.F, (39) 06 36 11377

(Fandango) Co-prod: Axelotil. Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: FandangoDistribuzione (It). Drama adapted from Gianfranco Bettin's novel about a youngboy in the industrial north of Italy who ends up in a young offenders' prison.Prods: Domenico Procacci, Gianluca Arcopinto. Dir: Daniele Gaglianone. Scr:Daniele Gaglianone, Giaime Alonge. Ed: Luca Gasparini. Cast: Antonio Servillo,Mauro Cortella, Adriana De Guilmi, Fabrizio De Castro, Maria Fammilume.
Contact: Fandango, (39) 06 97 745001

(A-Movie Productions) Comedy about an energetic pensioner who decides to dowhacky things. Prod: Enrico Mole'. Dir: Luca Miniero, Paolo Genovese. Scr: LucaMiniero, Paolo Genovese. Cast: Carlo Delle Piane, Pier Francesco Favino,Lorenza Indovina, Natalie Guetta, Valerio Mastandrea.
Contact: A-Movie Productions, (39) 06 32 13 536


(Lantia) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about atroubled 10 year-old boy who sees his uncle murder his father. Prod: PaolaErmini. Dir: Felice Farina. Scr: Felice Farina, Mauro Casiraghi, EleonoraFiorini. DoP: Luca Bigazzi. Ed: Roberto Schiavone. Prod des: Enrico Serafini. Costdes: Angela Buono. Cast: Claudio Amendola, Paola Cortellesi.
Contact: Lantia, (39) 06 37 512743

(Cattleya) Co-prod: Alquimia (Sp). Budget: Eur 2.5m. Backer: Rai Cinema. Dist:01 Distribution (It). Prods: Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz, Riccardo Tozzi.Thriller/horror based on novel L'Imbalsamatore by Luca di Fulvio. Dir: ErosPuglielli. Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Lucia Jimenez, Jose Angel Egido, EmilioGutierrez Caba, Carmelo Gomez.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Veradia Film) Co-prod: Misami Film.Int'l sales: Verdecchifilm (It). Dist: Orango Film Distribuzione (It). Backer:Fondo d Garanzia (It). Drama about the legendary Torino football team who wereall killed in an airplane crash in 1949. Prod: Alessandro Verdecchi. Dir:Vincenzo Verdecchi. Scr: Carmelo Pennisi, Massimiliano Durante. Cast: KasiaSmutniak, Gioele Dix, Giorgio Albertazzi, Dino Abbrescia.
Contact: Verdecchifilm, (39) 06 39 388751

(Cattleya) Dist: 01 Distribution (It). Romantic drama about a young marriedcouple and a man who has the chance to find love after a terrible accident.Dir: Michele Placido. Scr: Michele Placido, Domenico Starnone, FrancescoPiccolo, Umberto Contarello. Main cast: Stefano Accorsi.
Contact: Cattleya, (39) 06 36 7201

(Progetto Visivo) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about the hardship in thelife of a young Moroccan man. Prod: Roberto De Laurentiis. Dir: Rachid Benhadj.Scr: Rachid Benhadj. Cast: Soraya Arterse, Mujah Maraini, David Halevin, KarimBenhadj, Rachid Benhadj.
Contact: Progetto Visivo, (39) 06 37 500694

(Orione Cienmatografica) Co-prod: Istituto Luce, Amka Films Productions(Switz), Lumen Film (Fr). Dist: Istituto Luce (It). Drama. Prod: SilviaInnocenzi, Giovanni Saulini, Tiziana Soudani. Dir: Michael Beltrami. Scr:Michael Beltrami, Francesca Demichelis. Cast: Chad Smith, Giuseppe Cederna,Susan Johnston, Lalaine Vergara-Paras, Ruth Gerson.
Contact: Orione Cinematografica, (39) 06 32 434 77

(Tricshow) Co-prod: Digital Desk (It). Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama aboutthree Italian soldiers who have decided for various reasons to go to Kosovo.Prod: Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Andrea Marotti, Alessandro Valori. Dir:Alessandro Valori. Scr: Alessandro Valori, Francesco Colangelo, MarcoBellocchio. Cast: Pietro Taricone, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Dejan Acimovic,Kasia Smutniak, Marco Cocci.
Contact: Tricshow, (39) 06 27 80 1227

(Cinema e Societa) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama inspired from Dostoevsky'sCrime And Punishment, set in Italy in 1938 during the Fascist regime. Prod:Manolo Bolognini. Dir: Andrea Bolognini. Scr: Suso Cecchi D'Amico. Cast:Giancarlo Giannini, Stefano Dionisi, Alessandro Haber, Ernesto Mahieux,Violante Placido.
Contact: Cinema e Societa, (39) 06 35 34 7908

(I.T.C. Movie) Backer: Medusa Film (It). Dist: Medusa Film (It). Comedy adaptedfrom Margherita Oggero's novel La Collega Tatuata. Prod: Beppe Caschetto. Dir:Davide Ferrario. Scr: Luciana Littizzetto, Anna Pavignano. Ed: Claudio Cormio.Cast: Luciana Littizzetto, Dino Abbrescia, Neri Marcore', DonatellaFinocchiaro.
Contact: I.T.C. Movie, (39) 051 548 490

(Poetiche Cinematografiche) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Drama about a70-year-old man who has always worked as a secretary, until he gets involved ina web of corruption. Prod: Andrea De Liberato. Dir: Nicola Molina. Scr: NicolaMolina.
Contact: Poetiche Cinematografiche, (39) 06 68 212303

(Sintra Films) Co-prods: Joel Cano (Cub),Les Films du Requin (Fr), Melange (Fr). Digitally-shot film revolving around 5women. Prod: Rosanna Seregni, Joel Cano, Michel Reilhac. Dir: Joel Cano. Scr:Cano.
Contact: Sintra, (39) 06 4451256

(Lantia) Backer: Rai Cinema, Fondi diGaranzia. Int'l sales: Intramovies (It). Dist: Istituto Luce (It). Drama. Amale nurse, involved in dubious activities, is asked to drive a young black boyto Switzerland, in the company of a young troubled southern Italian. During thecar ride, the friendship the two men install will save the life of the boy, whowas destined to become a victim of organ-trafficking. Exec prod: Paola Ermini.Prod: Paola Ermini. Dir: Stefano Reali. Scr: Stefano Reali. DoP: StefanoColetta. Ed: Paolo Benassi. Prod des: Giada Calabria. Main cast: MaurizioMattioli, Manrico Gammarota.
Contact: Lantia Cinema e Audiovisivi, (39) 06 37 512 743

(Leading Entertainment) Drama about the childhood of a 50-year-old man. Prod:Enrico Mole. Dir: Enrico Oldoini. Scr: Enrico Oldoini. Cast: GiancarloGiannini, Paolo Bonacelli, Kaasia Smutniak, Alessandro Benvenuti, AngelaFinocchiaro.
Contact: Leading Entertainment, (39) 06 32 13 536

(International Forum) Backer: Fondo diGaranzia. Dist: Istituto Luce (It). Drama based on the life of Cecco d'Ascoli,a scientist who was accused of heresy and condemned to death by the Inquisitionin 1327. Prod: Alessandra Martucci, Lampo Calenda. Dir: Pietro Maria Benfatti.Scr: Pietro Maria Benfatti. DoP: Massimo Intoppa. Prod des: Francesco Bronzi.Cost des: Alfonsina Lettieri. Main cast: Giorgio Albertazzi.
Contact: International Forum, (39) 06 86 20 31 58

(R&C Produzioni) Backer: Fondo di Garanzia. Dist: Mikado (It). Drama abouta 16-year-old poor Neapolitan boy who tries to help his family. Prod: TildeCorsi, Gianni Romoli. Dir: Vincenzo Marra. Scr: Vincenzo Marra. DoP: MarioAmura. Ed: Luca Benedetti.
Contact: R&C Produzioni, (39) 06 57 288 591

(Lumiere & Co) Backer: Rai Cinema (It). Dist: 01 Distribution (It). Drama.Prod: Lionello Cerri. Dir: Giuseppe Piccioni. Scr: Giuseppe Piccioni, LindaFerri, Rosella Gualtiero. Cast: Sandra Ceccarelli, Luigi Lo Cascio.
Contact: Lumiere, (39) 02 6571052

VOCI(working title)
(DowntownPictures) Backer: Rai Cinema (It). Budget: Euros 2-2.5m. Drama set incontemporary Genova. Prod: Marco Mueller. Dir: Pippo Delbone. Scr: Delbono,Lara Fremder. Shot in Genoa from Oct20, 2003 to Jan 2004.
Contact: Downtown Pictures, (39) 051 52 06 29