BVI's Johnny Depp vehicle Pirates Of The Caribbean continued its stellar performance at the Italian box office on its second weekend, grossing a massive screen average of $6,056 from 531 screens, which brings its running total to $11,968,867.

Medusa's newcomer Confidence, a thriller starring Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia, was the second highest grosser of the weekend, out-performing The Hulk as it opened on 246 screens and grossed $968,785.

Marco Bellocchio's arthouse political thriller, Buongiorno, Notte, consolidated its excellent performance, earning a huge $1.857m from 206 screens with a strong $2,992 screen average for distributor 01.

Elsewhere, CDI's Imagining Argentina opened with a meagre $158,731 after its dismal reception at the Venice Film Festival. The film, which stars Antonio Banderas and Emma Thompson, earned a screen average of just $870 from 179 screens - making it the second worse screen average in the top 20, just ahead of Italian veteran Luciano Emmer's L'Acqua' Il Fuoco, which earned just $706 per screen.