Pupi Avati's Italian comedy sequel La Rivincita Di Natale, opened at number six at the box office, grossing $550,673 for Medusa Film seventeen years after the original film's release.

Rivincita Di Natale, which features the same cast as Avati's 1980 comedy Regalo Di Natale including Diego Abantatuono, was released on a wide 207 screens, but earned an unspectacular $2,660 screen average.

Meanwhile, Mikado's Lost In Translation's grosses jumped a massive 69% on the shoulders of its three Golden Globe wins last week. The Sofia Coppola film grossed a further $135,483 at the weekend from 41 screens, registering a high screen average of $4,105. The picture has now earned $2,904,882 in Italy, nine weeks after its release.

Local distributor Lucky Red also hopes to ride the Awards buzz, releasing Osama in Italy five days after its Golden Globe win as best foreign picture. The Afghanistan-set film opened timidly on 29 screens, grossing $62,713 for a screen average of $2,163.