Italian seller Adriana Chiesa Enterprises (ACE) had a busy Cannes.

On its Directors' Fortnight film Angela it sold a package of Japanese and European rights to France's MK2. The film is the story of a Mafiosa woman who is emotionally torn between her husband and a man she takes to be a cop. She is buffeted and torn in a world where the rules are all made by men.

Angela was produced by Rita Rusic Company and Movieweb and is released in Italy through Lucky Red. The film was deemed of 'cultural and national interest' and was produced in conjunction with Ministry For Cultural Affairs.

The MK2 territories include France, Benelux, the UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Japan.

ACE also picked up a new film by Roberto Faenza, The Soul Keeper. The picture, which is now in production, is based on a true story involving secret correspondence between a young girl in a Zurich psychiatric hospital and Sigmund Freud.

Soul Keeper stars Iain Glen, Emilia Fox Craig Ferguson and Caroline Ducey.