Korean mini-studio Mirovision has successfully sold its horror hit Phone, directed by Ahn Byung-ki, to Italy's Eagle Pictures. The film is the first ever Korean title for the Italian distributor.

The film had previously been sold to Jumbo Films for Thailand, Metropolitan Filmexport for France, Metro Tartan for the UK, A-Films for The Netherlands and Nobel & Partners for Scandinavia.

In Japan, where it is handled by Buena Vista International, Phone opened at number three on a 250-print release. In the key nine cities it grossed $1.2m after three weeks.

In Cannes, the film was sold to Germany's Laser Paradise as part of a nine-title package including Tell Me Something, My Sassy Girl and Cry Woman.

Greece's New Star took a package of 18 titles, while smaller package deals were for Thailand signed with Mongkol, Right Beyond and Nontanund.