Wong Kar-Wai will be inMilan next month for the first Italian edition of the Tribeca Film Festival(Oct 12-15), which will host the European premiere of his re-edited film, 2046, as well as a selection of titlesthat screened during this year's New York event.

Robert De Niro willaccompany the festival he co-founded to Milan, marking his second trip to Italyin a month following his appearance at the world premiere of Shark Tale in St. Mark's Square inVenice.

Although the dates of theTribeca Film Festival alla Fondazione Prada fall precisely during this year'sMIFED (Oct 12-16), a spokeswoman the Italian edition of the festival said thiswas 'purely a coincidence.'

'It was simply aquestion of these being the only dates when Robert De Niro was available,'she said.

Meanwhile, the Italiangovernment is pressing ahead with plans to give De Niro honorary Italiancitizenship in Rome on October 18, despite very public objections by the OrderSons of Italy in America, a powerful Washington D.C-based Italian-Americanadvocacy group that claims the actor's Mafia roles have given Italy a bad name.

The Tribeca Film Festivalalla Fondazione Prada will host the European premiere of Richard Eyre's perioddrama Stage Beauty, as well asChinese filmmaker Liu Fen Dou's The GreenHat, which won a prize for Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca FilmFestival in May.

Documentaries screening atthe festival will include Danniel Dannieland Juliano Mer Khamis's Arna's Children,which was sponsored by the Fondazione Prada and won Tribeca's best documentaryfeature prize.