Skyfall trailer proves worth the wait.

With anticipation levels rising from the moment it was announced last night - not helped by our editor tweeting about watching it a few hours early - the official trailer for the 23rd Bond film Skyfall landed this afternoon, and it’s glorious.

While there’s no sign of the latest Bond girl, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, we do get our first major look at Javier Bardem - sporting slicked-back blonde hair - as main villain Silva; given that this is Bond, of course the main scene we witness is of him delivering a lengthy monologue while our favourite agent is tied up.

Skyfall 2

Javier Bardem as Silva.

We also get our first scene of Ben Whishaw in action as the new Q, delivering the deadpan zinger “less of a random killing mission; more of a personal statement” about Bond’s souped-up trusty PPK, now only able to be fired by Bond as a result of being coded to his palm print.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also more previously-unseen action - well, to anyone who hasn’t caught the IMAX exclusive trailer playing with The Dark Knight Rises - including Bond jumping into a train carriage after it’s had its back ripped off by a forklift, resulting in an ice-cool Bond moment as he takes the time to adjust his cufflinks before moving on; after all, what’s the point in saving the world if you don’t look good while doing it?

All of this is set to a wonderfully punched-up Bond theme that means Screen’s - well, mine definitely - excitement levels for Skyfall just went up a further notch ahead of its Oct 26 release.

View the trailer here.