Media Asia, under the new management of hotels andentertainment investor Peter Lam, has unveiled a far-reaching development slatefor 2002-3, headed by $40m Jackie Chan picture, Titanium Rain, a sci-fi action title.

The futuristic picture has atimeframe of over 400 years and is set in China and outer space. Production isdue to begin at the end of 2002 with delivery timed to allow a release forChinese New Year (February) 2004. Media Asia is in early discussions withseveral US studios and hopes to close a domestic deal on the picture by Cannes.

Jeffrey Chan, MediaAsia's new head of sales and distribution, is satisfied that the companyhas built a strong releasing network around Asia and that it is time toincrease production and development of the back catalogue.

Other titles include VisibleSecret II, the sequel to lastyear's metaphysical suspense hit by Ann Hui; Sword Master that Tsui Hark is directing as a remake of his Zu:Warriors Of The Magic Mountain inJune (it is co-produced with Filmko); and Zhou Yu's Train by veteran Chinese director Sun Zhou.

The film about a womancaught between two lovers and two dimensions of desire stars Gong Li and TonyLeung. The film, now in post-production, is co-represented by Good MachineInternational.

At AFM Media Asia isscreening Dance Of A Dream, amusical fantasy by Andrew Lau Wai Keung, and Princess D, a modern romance by Tempting Heart-director Sylvia Chang.