Warning that overseas productions could be scared off, action star Jackie Chan has called for measures to fight organised crime after a triad member was arrested for blackmailing a Hong Kong location on New Line Cinema's Rush Hour 2.

Speaking at a function that included film professionals and some of the top names in the entertainment industry, Chan proposed launching a Film Industry Workers' Confederation to keep illegal organisations out of the industry. The body would unite an estimated 1,200 film professionals.

Other proposals include deploying police, including undercover officers, at shooting locations. The confederation is also aimed at helping revive an industry weakened by the Asian economic crisis, piracy and an exodus of local talent.

"I worry that foreign filmmakers will not come to Hong Kong to shoot their films anymore," said Chan.

The fears come after a triad member was caught collecting $1,000 in protection money at a cafe where the Rush Hour sequel was shooting. The $80m New Line-Spyglass production, also shooting in New York and Las Vegas, is directed by Brett Ratner and stars Chris Tucker, John Lone and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Zhang Ziyi.