Susan Jackson, Mark Borde and Mike Doban have teamed up to form anew LA-based theatrical distribution and marketing company Freestyle Releasing.The company will first release Stephen King's Riding The Bullet on Oct 8 followed by James Redford's Spin on Oct 15.

Jackson'scompany Turtles Crossing will merge with Borde's Innovation Film Group and thetheatrical distribution arm of Doban's Arcangelo Entertainment to create thenew company which will specialize in domestic theatrical releasing both as aservice for hire and as a full-scale distribution outfit.

First release from Motion Picture Corp Of America is Riding TheBullet starring JonathanJackson and David Arquette on 200 screens; Redford's Spin stars Stanley Tucci and Ryan Merriman.

"Itis a natural progression to form Freestyle Releasing, having worked with eachother for the last five years, with all the strengths from our differentbackgrounds," said Jackson in a statement,"to form one brand that can help usstand out in the marketplace with filmmakers and the public, in general".

"Overthe last few years, Susan has brought me many of my releases and it made sense to join forces and createsomething new and dynamic," added Borde. "I have worked with Mike Doban on various projects over the pasttwenty-five years, and we are partners in ownership of the Osio 6 Theatres, in Monterey; Ihave always trusted his instincts. His experience and expertise complete ourteam perfectly."

"FreestyleReleasing gives me the opportunity to expand my presence in the theatricaldistribution arena and further grow my great relationships with Susan and Markwhile being able to continue withmy theatre design business," added Doban.

Jacksonexecutive produced 2002 Toronto hit Cabin Fever will continue to represent producers through TurtlesCrossing and will remain CEO of sales company Zenpix.

Last year, Jackson and Bordereleased The Legend Of Johnny Lingowhich grossed $1.8m, and Mike Doban released A Day Without A Mexican which grossed $3.5m.