Council of Europe-backed finance body Eurimages is to plough Euros3.075m into eight European co-productions in its third funding round of this year, including new projects from Benoit Jacquot and Agustin Diaz Yanes.

Eurimages has two schemes for production funding, both with distinct cultural objectives. The first scheme's awards are based on a project's circulation potential, while the second scheme gives out awards based on the artistic value of a project.

The three features funded under the first scheme are Jacquot's French-German-Italian co-production Tosca, Diaz Yanes' Sin Noticias De Dios (Spain-Italy-Germany-France) and Vicente Aranda's Locura De Amor (Spain-Italy-Portugal).

The five projects awarded finance under the second scheme are the French-Belgian co-production Les Ames Fortes, directed by Raoul Ruiz; Il Derviscio directed by Alberto Rondalli and co-produced out of Italy and Turkey; French-Belgian co-production La Fille De Keltoum, directed by Mehdi Charef; Austrian, German and Polish co-production Geburtig, directed by Lucas Stepanik & Robert Schnidel; and The Seven Suns Of Aglaia, directed by Vangelis Serdaris and co-produced by Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Eurimages also awarded distribution support to the following companies:

  • Radivision (Bulgaria) for Une Liaison Pornographique and Le Temps Retrouve.
  • Top Films International (Bulgaria) for Nadie Conoce A Nadie.
  • Vadi Van Kris Ltd (Bulgaria) for Love Me.
  • Cinemart (Czech Republic) for Englar Alheimsins and Tuvalu.
  • Film Distribution Artcam (Czech Republic) for Une Affaire De Gout and Dancer In The Dark.
  • Neue Visionenfilmverleih, Sorgel/Frehse (Germany) for Pas De Cafe, Pas De Tele, Pas De Sexe.
  • Best Hollywood (Hungary) for Mifune Sidste Sang.
  • Budapest Film (Hungary) for Dancer In The Dark.
  • Mokep (Hungary) for Die Stille Nach Dem Schuss.
  • Tantra DMPC (Poland) for Cuba Feliz.
  • Independenta Film (Romania) for Promenons - Nous Dans Les Bois.
  • Walter Nittnaus - WN Danubius Film (Slovakia) for Gouttes D'Eau Sur Pierres Brulantes.
  • Fama Film (Switzerland) for Die Unberuhrbare.
  • Fondation Trigon-Film (Switzerland) for Lumumba.
  • Frenetic Films (Switzerland) for Esther Kahn.
  • Belge Film SAN. VE TIC (Turkey) for Capitaines D'Avril and Lumumba.
  • Gun Izi Music Production (Turkey) for Vassiliki.
  • Monad Film & Tanitim (Turkey) for Himalaya, L'Enfance D'Un Chef.
  • Ozen Film Filmcilik Ve Sinemacilik Tas (Turkey) for Les Enfants Du Siecle.
  • Spot Film (Turkey) for The Ninth Gate.