The Korean film-maker will work with Zhang Meng on his next project, The Piano In A Factory.

Korea’s Jae-yong Kwak has boarded Zhang Meng’s new film, The Piano In A Factory as producer. The film starts shooting in the north east of China on March 26.

The Piano In A Factory will be Kwak’s third film working with a Chinese film-maker, following his collaboration with Tsui Hark on All About Women (2008) and his partnership with Andrew Lau on Daisy (2006).

The film is a contemporary Chinese story about a loving father who attempts to build a piano from scratch in a bid to win the heart, and custody, of his daughter. The project won prizes for Most Creative Project and the Most Noteworthy Project at last year’s China Film Pitch and Catch (CFPC), the project market of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).

Kwak said: “I’m very impressed by Zhang Meng’s story-telling ability which is exceptional, particularly through portraying small characters’ everyday lives spiced with subtle humor. I look forward to working with him to create another heartfelt movie with universal appeal for both the Chinese and international audiences.”

Amanda Qin Hai-lu, Chinese TV actor Wang Qian-yuan and Korean sweetheart Jang Shin-yeong will lead the cast of the film.

The film is produced by Beijing-based Daye Transmedia Group and Liaoning Film Studio. Daye Transmedia Group is a subsidiary media company under state-owned People’s Daily Holdings. It has produced more than ten TV drama series and three animation TV series although The Piano In A Factory will be its first film.

Daye has signed with Zhang Meng as the company’s first in-house film-maker and will produce his film projects over the next three years.