Spanish director Jaime Rosales' powerful family drama Solitary Fragments will be re-released in cinemas across Spain today following its best picture and best director awards at last week's Goyas.

The film's first theatrical release was in June 2007 when it achieved only 41,000 admissions, but Wanda Films is confident the film can perform much better this time around thanks to the publicity it has received in all the press.

'It (Solitary Fragments) is only a small film, but the Goyas have proven that there is an apetite for arthouse films, as well as commercial fare,' Jose Maria Morales of Wanda Films told

The interest in Solitary Fragments also extends to its DVD release. 'Originally we made 1,500 copies available for DVD, but the day after the Goya wins we received requests for 8,000 more copies,' Morales adds.

Rosales' film tells the story of a widowed mother (played by Petra Martinez) and her relationship with her daughter (Sonia Almarcha) who struggles with a young child of her own. Rosales' previous film The Hours Of The Day won the Fipresci prize at Cannes in 2003.