New US-based internet filmdistributor Jaman has closed a deal for rights to 30 feature films fromVenevision in a move announced at the Donostia-San Sebastian International FilmFestival.

The agreement encompassesnon-exclusive rights for broadband distribution and an option to pick upanother 50 titles. The original 30 films include 22 Latin American and eightSpanish features.

The Venevision deal is oneof the first pick-ups made by new Internet world cinema platform Jaman, whichwill go live on the internet in November. Jaman previously struck a 200-title(including 50 features) deal with San Jose, Calif.-based film festivalCinequest, and another 50-film package from Hong Kong's Celestial Films.

A privately-funded SiliconValley-based start-up Jaman is conceived as an online community for fans ofglobal movies. The web-based service will rent and sell cinema-quality filmsand aim to recreate the ambience of a film festival for its users. Spanish andLatin American films will represent one of the company's core libraries.

'World cinema is vastlyunder-represented in the United States by traditional distribution channels,' saidCarlos Montalvo, Jaman's senior VP of operations. 'Our focus is not onbecoming just another vehicle for the studios.'

Montalvo and his team - includingvice president of worldwide programming Kathleen Powell, who is also a co-founder of Cinequest - will travel toupcoming festivals and markets to seek more product.Jaman is also sponsoring October's LA Latino Film Festival.